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Anarchism And Advocacy

What is anarchism all about? Whenever public protests spark into chaotic behavior, the general media are generally quick to label “anarchy” and also to “anarchists”. Those who are known as…

How Laws are made?

To grasp the concept of law, we initially have to understand our communities. Laws are teaching us the proper way to behave while informing us at the same time the…


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Wildlife Conservation – A Political And Public Concern

Guides and reviews on hunting and hunting gears such as those by Game Camera World, make hunting and choosing of the right hunting gears easier for many hunters. However, hunters…


Manufacturing Stainless Steel

In the highly industrialized world of today, life is unthinkable with cast metal goods, which is amusing since anybody barely noticed it. Metal casting has become essential without anybody realizing…


Differentiating Law from Politics

Law degree holders are practicing their expertise in the field of politics. Meanwhile, political science majors are often seen landing on the law school. Most often, politics and law are…

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Politics and Pickleball: Bridging Gaps and Fostering Community

In today’s fast-paced, digitally driven world, it seems like we’re constantly being pulled in different directions. The polarization in the political landscape can often feel overwhelming, with divides deepening on a daily basis. Yet, there lies simple pickleball, seemingly mundane yet incredibly effective in bridging gaps and fostering community.

Pickleball: The Unassuming Unifier

For the uninitiated, pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. It’s a game that is simple to learn, yet offers depth and complexity that can captivate players for a lifetime. But how does this relate to politics, you ask?

Much like how politics often require a nuanced understanding of various perspectives and stances, pickleball too encourages players to think on their feet, adapt, and strategize with every new serve. In a similar vein, it teaches individuals to work together, fostering a spirit of community and teamwork that transcends the court.

The Power of Grassroots Movements

In politics, grassroots movements are where change truly begins. It is the power of the people, coming together to foster change and improvement in their communities. Pickleball, with its humble beginnings and inclusive nature, can be seen as a grassroots movement of its own within the sporting world.

Communities are coming together, with neighbors meeting neighbors, all through the simple act of picking up a paddle and a ball. In a way, pickleball courts are becoming modern-day town halls, places where individuals can come together, not as adversaries but as teammates, fostering dialogue and understanding through friendly competition.

Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

Politics, at its core, is about finding solutions to societal problems. Sometimes, the best solutions are the simplest ones. Pickleball, with its easy-to-learn rules and minimal equipment requirements, stands as a testament to the power of simplicity. It offers an escape, a return to simpler times, and a way to connect with others without the barriers of age, skill level, or political affiliation.

By engaging in activities that prioritize fun and camaraderie over competition and winning, we can begin to build bridges across political divides, fostering understanding and empathy in the process.

Global Explorations: How Travel Broadens Perspectives and Elevates Political Awareness

Political Standing

The act of traveling has evolved beyond a leisurely pursuit to become a powerful tool for personal growth, cultural enrichment, and even political awareness. Beyond the picturesque landscapes and exotic cuisines, travel like Alanya Tours offers a unique opportunity to broaden one’s perspectives and foster a deeper understanding of global politics. This article explores how embarking on journeys to different corners of the world can elevate political awareness and contribute to a more informed and engaged citizenry.

Cultural Immersion and Empathy

Traveling to foreign lands allows individuals to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, traditions, and ways of life. This firsthand exposure cultivates empathy and understanding, breaking down stereotypes and prejudices that can be barriers to effective political engagement. As travelers interact with locals, they gain insight into the challenges, aspirations, and political contexts that shape a nation. Such interactions spark curiosity and open the door to conversations about local governance, human rights, and social justice.

Witnessing Political Realities

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone and into unfamiliar territories exposes travelers to a variety of political systems, ideologies, and socio-economic conditions. From bustling metropolises to remote villages, the impact of governmental policies and political decisions becomes palpable. Witnessing disparities in wealth, access to education, and basic human rights can prompt travelers to critically examine their own political environment and the role of their government in shaping society.

Cross-Cultural Dialogue and Exchange

Engaging in conversations with people from diverse backgrounds fosters a cross-cultural exchange of ideas and perspectives. Travelers often find themselves discussing not only their own nation’s politics but also gaining insights into the political issues faced by the host country. These dialogues provide an opportunity to challenge preconceived notions and expand one’s understanding of complex global challenges. Sharing experiences and viewpoints can lead to a broader perspective on international relations and cooperation.

Inspiration for Political Engagement

Experiencing the effects of political decisions firsthand can be a catalyst for personal involvement in political processes. Travelers may return home with a newfound passion for advocating change, whether it’s through volunteering, participating in grassroots movements, or supporting policies that promote social justice and human rights. Exposure to different political climates can ignite a sense of responsibility to contribute positively to one’s own society.

The Role of Travel in Bridging Divides

In an era marked by political polarization and divisive rhetoric, travel has the potential to bridge divides by promoting tolerance and fostering a sense of global citizenship. As travelers interact with people from diverse backgrounds, they learn to appreciate the common humanity that transcends political, cultural, and geographical boundaries. This shift in perspective can encourage individuals to seek common ground and work collaboratively to address shared challenges.

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Beyond its leisurely allure, travel possesses the transformative power to elevate political awareness and encourage meaningful civic engagement. Through cultural immersion, witnessing political realities, cross-cultural dialogue, and personal inspiration, travelers become more informed and empathetic global citizens. By exploring the world, individuals can actively contribute to a more politically aware and interconnected society, enriching their own lives and those of others in the process.


Supreme Court Sides With Idaho Couple in Fight Against Clean Water Act

The Supreme Court recently issued a decision siding with the Idaho couple who fought against Biden’s plan of restoring the wetlands as addition to the Clean Water Act. The Supreme Court took side with the Idaho couple since the government protection of bogs and marshes will be minimized if wetlands are to be restored. The law had previously restricted people from building their dream house on federally protected wetlands beside Priest Lake, Idaho.

Under the SC’s ruling of The Sackett v. EPA case, the definition of what bodies of water fall under the 1972 act has shrunk. The recent decision states that federally protected wetlands are only those that are connected to larger lakes, rivers, and streams with continuous surface water.

This would also affect wetlands recognized as nature’s water purifiers. These are the wetlands that also serve as habitats to various ecosystems and wildlife, including species of fish and waterfowl.

What Does This Mean for Industry Giants?

On the other hand, the ruling is also a win for oil and gas industry giants. Oil, gas, and homebuilding industries have been fighting for the limitation of the act for years. They aim to have the Clean Water Act allow them to destroy the federally-protected wetlands that specifically fall under the definition of the 1972 Clean Water Act.

With the Supreme Court’s recent rulings, liberal Justice Elena Kagan pointed out how the Supreme Court has positioned themselves as decision-makers for environmental policies. Last year, the SC also intervened with the controversial ruling of limiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s capability of controlling greenhouse gases.

Trump Lawyers Working on Conditions for Trump’s Subpoena Compliance

Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney who serves as Vice Chair of the House January 6 Committee said that Trump might actually comply with the subpoena — as the ex-president’s team of lawyers are in discussions with them about the terms and conditions for his testimony. Trump has until Friday to furnish information that will shed light on his alleged participation in supporting the January 06 Capitol Hills riot.

Still Rep. Cheney emphasized that she and other lawmakers will not be under Donald Trump’s mercy as he will be required to testify under oath and for several days when necessary.

Trump’s lawyers actually accepted the subpoena last October 26, which requested the former president to testify and submit documents to the House January 6 Committee. His testimony will be in relation to the broad exchanges of communication that transpired after the Nov. 2020 election. His outbursts and speeches subsequently led to h rousing of followers who came to support the “Big Lie” about the stolen presidential election. .

Will Trump’s Jan. 6 Committee Testimony Result in a Criminal Conviction?

One thing must be clear though, Trump’s testimony will not have direct violation of criminal or civil laws. Not unless the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) files criminal charges using Trump’s testimony as basis. Actually, the DOJ has neen conducting its own investigation of the Jan. 06 incident.

Social Media Platforms for Campaigns

Social media is a powerful tool for political campaigns. Social media enables dynamics to connect with voters and supporters, share messages and inspire people to action.

Explore how social media can be used for election campaigns, from building an online presence to creating effective advertising. You can use social media to persuade people and influence election results with a few tips.

Social media platforms have become integral to successful marketing campaigns in today’s digital world, especially if you win an election.

Explores vital tips and tricks for using social media to persuade people and influence elections.

Whether you’re running for public office or looking to vote, read on to learn how to use social media to your advantage.

A few key channels stand out when it comes to social media campaigns. The first is Facebook, which has a broad reach and allows you to reach a specific audience. Twitter is great for real-time engagement and hashtags. 

Finally, Instagram is great for visual content and stories. Each channel has strengths and weaknesses, so choosing the right channel for your campaign goals is essential.

Consider the following factors when choosing a campaign venue:

  • Platform user demographics
  • Types of content that work well on the platform
  • Campaign budget

Facebook, for example, is well suited for campaigns that target a broad audience. The platform also allows you to target specific audiences by promoting your posts in campaigns. Cheap smm panel can get you more followers and become more visible.

Various social media platforms can be used for campaign purposes. Each forum has features and benefits that you can use to reach your campaign goals.

The importance of online reputation management becomes incredibly apparent during election campaigns. The candidates should be vigilant when cleaning up the negative online press because even bad publicity can ruin your chances of winning.

Proper online reputation management helps candidate campaigns withstand some negativity online.

In an election campaign, a candidate’s online reputation can influence their chances of winning. A solid online reputation can give candidates the boost they need to win, and a weak online reputation can derail their campaigns. This is why online reputation management is essential for any candidate serious about winning an election campaign.

Reversal of Roe V Wade Ruling Looms as Revealed by Draft on Decision to Overturn

In 1973, Supreme Court Justice H.A. Blackmun wrote a majority ruling on the Roe v. Wade case that declared state restrictions on abortion as unconstitutional. Although abortion is legal in the US, it is subject to state regulations that restrict abortion based on the stage of pregnancy. Recently however, leaked documents containing the draft of a ruling written by Justice Samuel Alito revealed that the Supreme Court is set to overturn the Roe v Wade decision in the coming days ahead.

The conservatives are happy because throughout the nearly 50 years that abortion has been legal in the country, many pro-life supporters have filed petitions that would result to the Supreme Court’s reversal of the precedent 1973 Roe vs Wade ruling.

What Exactly will Change if Roe v Wade is Overturned


To the liberals the overturning of Roe vs Wade is an unjust decision because it will become illegal for a woman to seek termination of a pregnancy involving a non-viable fetus. In some states, such discovery must be made within the stage of pregnancy recognized as legal. In other states, abortion law considers abortion illegal regardless of stage or reason.

Reference to a non-viable fetus denotes that the fetus is not likely to develop as a healthy baby or be able to survive outside of a mother’s womb after delivery.

Although the Supreme Court has not yet made the Alito draft official, Justice Robert confirmed the authenticity of the leaked draft. Still, some background information revealed that 5 of the sitting conservative justices voted to overturn the Roe v Wade decision.

Tips for Practicing Your Political Skills

Politics is everywhere. Politics affect your daily life, work environment, the people you meet, and the world around you. You don’t have to be a politician or even vote to know that politics matter. Whether it’s writing letters to your representatives, paying attention during debates between candidates, or joining a grassroots cause–everyone can practice their political skills. Here are some tips you can start with for practicing your political skills.

Letter Writing

If you have a voice and want to have a say in politics, letter writing is a way for you to do so. Politicians love mail! If you want to be heard, this is one of the most effective ways. If you do so believe that you have exceptional skills in letter writing and want to share it to aspiring politicians, you may opt to buy links and share them on various platforms so many can learn from your ways as well.

Debate Watching

Debates are a great way to practice your political skills. Whether it’s being able to identify the different positions or simply understanding how politicians think, debates are an invaluable resource for political education.

Getting involved in Grassroots Causes

Getting involved in grassroots causes is a great way to practice your political skills. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with local grassroots organizations. For example, there are volunteer opportunities that can lead to being on the board of directors for a nonprofit organization if you have the interest and time. This gives you the opportunity to bring change through your organization’s work.

Getting involved in grassroots organizations also increases your awareness about what issues are facing people today. It will also give you firsthand knowledge about what it takes to lead an organization, which can be valuable for any future position in politics or business.

Creating a Diverse Group of Friends

As a citizen, it’s important to be informed. You can do so by being active in the political process and paying attention to what’s going on in your world. But, you also have a responsibility as a human being to promote diversity and acceptance. In doing so, you’ll create a group of friends that is more well-rounded and informed about the world they live in.

New North Carolina Laws Address Lower Taxes, Tackle Mental Wellness of Police Force and More

This year in North Carolina new laws will take effect, including lower state income taxes and strict mandates to tackle mental health issues of law enforcement officers. The state budget bill signed by Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper last November includes a bill that reduces the present 5.25% individual tax rate to 4.99%, which will continue to decrease until the rate gets as low as 3.99% in 2027.

New law enforcement recruits are required to receive psychological screenings from a duly licensed psychologist. The mandate aims to ensure whether the new additions to North Carolina’s police forces are deemed suitable for police work before they are officially employed. According to training officials, a similar requirement that applies to sheriffs and deputies in the administrative sector has been proposed but is still subject to change.

Important Tax Laws that Will Take Effect in 2022

The approved budget bill also increases the amount of individual income not subject to annual tax. To cite an example, married couples filing jointly, do not have to pay taxes on the first $25,000 of their joint income for the 2022 tax year. Moreover, North Carolina households with aggregate earnings of up to $40,000 will be entitled to claim a $3,000 per-child tax deduction. However, the per-child tax deduction gradually decreases in the event the aggregate household income increases during the tax year.


New North Carolina Law Makes Acceptance of Financial Benefits a Felony for Elected Local Officials

Another law that takes effect this year concerns elected local government official, which prohibits the acceptance of financial remunerations from the public body they represent. Anyone found doing so will be deemed guilty of felony. Moreover, the new law also penalizes public officials of large or medium sized counties, bequeath money to non profit companies to which they are associated.

Db Business: Office Politics Is Not About Offices

When you meet someone in person, their body language can give you the meaning of the words they are uttering. But while you are communicating online, it is the words that shape a person’s body language. fahrplan db

And since business communication is somewhere at the bottom of the list of employee development programs, most employees don’t sound empathetic when communicating online. This sets the stage for an exciting spectacle of online workplace politics. Misunderstandings lead to misunderstandings that create a breeding ground for conflict and office politics.

And if you think office politics is not for you, then you are already at the bottom of everyone else. If you have the ability then it’s a different story.

DB business: Some ways to master the art of office politics when there is no office

Build empathic relationships in DB office

If you are good at building relationships with your team members, you have an advantage. Just as your family will defend themselves in your absence if someone tries to throw mud at you, your trusted teammates will be on your side if someone indulges in a skullcap.

This is why relationships are your secret weapon. They tap into this emotional part of the brain and allow you to exert influence without the need for the formal structure of an organizational chart.

Additionally, good relationships with your teammates will help you keep pace with project progress as you balance your personal and professional lives. You can get important work-related information. It is teamwork and proper synchronization of work that’s behind the success of fahrplan db that’s now been trusted by many passengers who use the services of DB.

DB office: How to Build Empathetic Relationships to evade office politics

Reputation is something that goes before you in a job. You have to create constructive associations of yourself. When someone thinks of you, they should see you as either a problem solver or someone who gets the job done or is honest or helpful. When you have an excellent reputation, it acts as a shield against conspiracies from your insecure teammates.

If you don’t have a good reputation, it is difficult to evade office politics. Especially during times of work from home when your reputation is the only thing your coworkers know about you.

How to Spot Corruption: Look for these Signs!

One of the most essential thing is to stop corruption, but what if wrongdoing has already passed? If the condition is discussed in time, it may still be resolved.

Corruption in all its forms is evil and unjust. The goal of corruption is to direct unfair advantages to individuals not authorized to them, which surely points to a position where someone else suffers. That is why we must never disregard or neglect evil.

So how can businesses like heavy duty towing san jose stop bribery and fraud in their company, particularly among workers and contractors? Top of your list must be detecting the red flags that hint that bribery or corruption might be taking place…

1. Irrelevant or impulsive purchases

Corrupt payments can seldom be covered as bona fide expenses. If an employee buys useless or inappropriate items from a supplier or contractor with no apparent business need, this could show a possibly unethical alliance.

2. Continued acceptance of below standard quality

If a worker remains to work with or receives sub-standard items or services given the complaints being addressed, this could be a powerful indicator for potential corruption.

You’ll have to think about whether they may be receiving a charge from the supplier or contractor for continuous transactions.

3. Conflicts of interest

The chance of bribery and corruption can rise with private connections or ties between an employee and a supplier or contractor. At worst, nepotism and cronyism can impact your judgment and result to evil judgments which are not in the company’s values. At best, this can provide a plan for corruption.

By knowing the red flags of bribery and corruption, you can help to preserve our company from penalties and safeguard its name. Not only will individuals know the flags to look out for, but the heightened awareness could allow to put people off and stop corruption from occurring in the first place.

Trump’s Kraken Lawyers Face Sanctions for Unethical Behavior

Lawyers who filed lawsuits based on ex-president Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of election fraud, are now facing professional and financial sanctions. They stand to lose their license to practice law after disregarding the core ethical precepts that attorneys are sworn to follow.

Similar to Rudy Giuliani’s case, who used to enjoy fame as “America’s Mayor,” the District of Columbia and New York, suspended his license for filing lawsuits based on Trump’s false claims.

Summary of U.S. District Court’s Ruling

U.S District Court Judge Lina Parker handed down a comprehensive ruling through a 110-page opinion against Sidney Powell and her ‘Kraken’ attorneys. Judge Parker’s ruling will probably end up as a required reading material for future ethics classes at law schools, as it addressed the difference between “cable-news lawyering” and actual law practice.

Judge Parker’s ruling described how Powell’s team utilized affidavits infested with baseless accusations and speculations that contradicted existing public evidence. Notwithstanding that in forwarding the unsubstantiated claims, they are working toward nullifying the votes from Michigan. The District Court judge also wrote that the case was not actually founded on fraud as it was merely debasing the judicial process in order to undermine the citizens’ faith in democracy.

Although these lawyers could get away in uttering hyperbole and extreme exaggeration when posturing in social media sites and cable news that they have concrete proof of fraud, Judge Parker opines that their posts and tweets can be taken against them during sanction hearings.

The Effects of Technology on Politics

The consistent development of technology, including those gs2us.com pc games downloads has had a notable influence on the federal ratings that politicians accomplish through, for instance, advertisements. A lot of articles attempt to explain how these two fields of contemporary life, technology, and governments, connect and what are the results of this interrelationship.

Political candidates use utilize technology in several ways. Various communication courses given by the Internet have the ability to control the development of various people. The likes of popular social media platforms are powerful news media platforms that can quickly increase the ratings of political candidates. Housley asserts that whether we admit it or not, technology is a crucial factor in most political races. Through technology, politicians are able to obtain funds, obtain political scholars, and pay less for campaigning and promoting their candidacy.

One of the methods in which technology impacts politics is the monetary side. Allocating funds to use during elections is an essential part of all federal candidates. It comes with the requirement to build a vertical answer to the entire country or target region. This is a significant barrier encountered by politicians. The Internet helped one famous politician to garner the funds that he needed to obtain access to a huge part of the battle region. By advertising through technological shopping, applicants acquire proper donors to support several features of their operations.

The Internet permits lawmakers to utilize podcasting. Another great thing about technology is podcasting, making everyone a writer. Through podcasting, government officials are able to describe a sensational stature, whereby guaranteeing that the information is deemed credible. Self-proclamation of lawmakers through pundits is instantly expanded through messages. It is, nevertheless, hard for politicians to ensure the honesty of the knowledge posted. The Internet can be accessed by anyone. The honesty of data is therefore hard to process, hence, several possible candidates may need to secure a correct connection with numerous achievements.

For the People Act, Proposed Laws in a Nutshell

The For the People Act being pushed for by Democratic lawmakers aims to improve American democracy by making elections broader, stronger, and more equitable. The proposed legislation seeks to increase safeguards against foreign interference, to modernize and boost voter registration, overhaul federal campaign finance laws, make voting easier in federal elections and more.

Majority of the aforementioned reforms will be carried through for the general election that will take place in November 2022. However, some reforms that include redistricting and public financing changes will take effect at a much later date.

Legal Remedies for Any Challenge Pertaining to the Provisions of For the People Act

Challenges directed to the constitutionality of any provision of H.R. 1 shall be filed in the District of Columbia District Court. As much as possible, both the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia are assigned to accelerate whatever legal action is necessary. In any particular case, the Senate or any member of the House of Representatives has the right to intercede.

Election-Related Issues Being Addressed by the For the People Act

The legislation aims to address issues specified under 10 titles enumerated below:

Title I: Modernizing Voter Registration;
Title II: Restoring the Voting Rights Act;
Title III: Election Security;
Title IV: Campaign Transparency;
Title V: Empowering Small Donors and Related Reforms;
Title VI: Enforcing Campaign Finance Laws
Title VII: Supreme Court Ethics Reform
Title VIII: Executive Branch Ethics Reforms
Title IX: Congressional Ethics Reforms
Title X: Disclosure of Presidential Tax Returns

What Are the Different Political Parties’ Perspectives on Road Pricing?

Road pricing or not? Is the reduction in the speed limit enforced between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. And will the political parties draw the wallet for new infrastructure in the coming years? Traffic Net looked at the election programs of various political parties participating in the parliamentary elections.

Road pricing

The vast majority of these parties are more car-oriented than the parties whose programs were approved by the Environmental Assessment Agency. DENK, the Forum for Democracy, and the PVV all oppose road pricing. The first of these aims to make driving easier for motorists. The current government party, the VVD, wants emission-free vehicles to pay for road upkeep and construction based on the number of kilometers travelled, but not rush-hour charges.

Both the FvD and the VVD continue to increase their investments in new connections. PVV only mentions mobility briefly in its program, the party continues to continue to invest in good and safe roads.

Maximum speed

The parties who are against road pricing also appear to be not really in favor of limiting the speed limit between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. VVD keeps a close eye and says that the maximum speed can be increased again if the nitrogen emissions have been reduced sufficiently. But DENK believes that the measure can be reversed immediately. A transition to sustainable mobility is necessary, but without affecting the motorist.

For the Forum for Democracy it is important not to ‘bother the car’. This means, among other things, that the lowering of the maximum speed on the motorways must be reversed. In the program, the party even speaks of a ‘maximum speed according to the German model’. This means no speed limitation at all on certain routes.


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Reduce motorized traffic

The election program of the Party for the Animals looks very different. This party wants to reduce the amount of motorized traffic. This means that inner cities will be car-free as much as possible, that 30 kilometers per hour will become the norm in built-up areas as soon as possible and that motorists who use their cars often will pay more tax.

No money will be available for extra motorways. The PvdD wants to set traffic lights in such a way that cyclists and pedestrians get the green light sooner. The new party VOLT has also focused on the bicycle as a sustainable means of transport.

Down-to-earth view of mobility

The SGP states that a sober view of mobility is necessary. On the one hand, mobility is indispensable, but at the same time measures must be taken to slow down mobility. This is due to objectives such as quality of life, safety and clean air. This mainly requires choices in spatial policy, so that people live closer to work.

The Christian party wants to introduce kilometer pricing, because it is “one of the few instruments to actually limit congestion and discourage car use.” In addition, central government should work on additional bicycle infrastructure and a better fiscal policy for bicycles. In any case, a sufficient budget is needed in the Infrastructure Fund for investments in mobility.

Pres. Biden Supports Procedural Reform by Reviving Talking Filibuster

President Biden has clarified he supports reforming the Senate filibuster rule by reviving the “talking filibuster” over eliminating the rule altogether. In the past weeks, the White House has only been announcing that President Biden is not amenable to removing the filibuster rule but without mentioning that he supports the modification of the procedure.

The President made the clarification last Tuesday in an exclusive interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, which could prod more actions from reform supporters. The group advocating for filibuster elimination has been insisting that as a legislative procedure, the filibuster will only impede support for the Biden administration’s agenda.

What is the U.S. Senate Filibuster Rule?

The filibuster rule is a Senate procedure that requires garnering of 60 votes, as a condition for passing a legislation As the upper house is divided 50:50 between Democrats and Republicans, Democrats need 10 Republicans to side with them when seeking to conclude a debate and to approve legislation of a proposed bill,

What is the Talking Filibuster?

According to President Biden, it is not necessary to completely eradicate the filibuster. Senators can go about the procedure the way it was done in the olden days, in which Senators had to keep talking in order to continue discussions on the Senate floor.

The President referred to it as the talking filibuster, where Senators need to speak out on the Senate floor in order to challenge a legislation that is being passed for approval.

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky) spoke against modifying the legislative filibuster. He said that the modification would only make the Senate house look like a hundred-car pile-up where nothing is moving instead of functioning as an express lane for the Biden administration.

Senator McConnell Backs Down on Demand to Keep Filibuster Rule

Downgraded as Senate Minority Leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell backs down on his demand to keep the filibuster rule as condition to the power-sharing agreement. Senator McConnel’s petty demand has been holding up finalization of the power sharing agreement between him and Senator Schumer, the new Senate Majority Leader. Unless the agreement has been finalized, the Upper House cannot proceed with other procedures to officially start a new round of Senate sessions.

Presumably, the Senator from Kentucky finally realized that the Senate has more important matters to work on, and that his insistence over the controversial rule is only causing much delay. As it is, Majority Senate Leader Chuck Schumer told Senator McConnell that he cannot guarantee the continuance of the filibuster rule in case Democrats make a move to remove it as part of the Senate’s procedural processes.

As of now, the Republicans and Democrats are on a 50-50 standing. Any voting that results to a tie, will be decided by Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris in her role as Senate President.

What is the Filibuster Rule And Why Democrats are Planning to Remove It?

The filibuster rule is a procedure in politics that allows members of a lawmaking body such as parliament or congress, to discuss a suggested piece of legislation for long periods. However, through the years since the rule was introduced, the practice of going into long periods of discussions has been overused.

It later became a tactic for delaying and eventually keeping a legislative proposal canned, to eventually die out once it gets buried. To force the end of a prolonged debate, members of the Senate must vote on the proposal but requires garnering 60 votes in order to pass as law. Otherwise, the matter will again be a subject for debate until another voting process is called to settle the matter.

That is why the filibuster rule is branded as an act of “talking out a bill” because as a result of the prolonged discussions over a certain legislative proposal, the bill sometimes gets buried to give priority to other pressing matters. In some cases, the proposed bill tends to die down.

Changing Our Perspective Of The World Through Political Board Games

Chess Pawn King


We tag board games because of cerebral matters; toys to the brain. I agreed before I played with Labyrinth, a name by CIA analyst Volko Ruhnke mimicking the war on terror.

Playing with the JihadistsI set a”Martyrdom Operation” card. My goal was to safeguard financing because of the terrorists by demonstrating their efficacy. It struck me as an ice wall exactly what that card clinical euphemism really meant: I had only killed dozens of innocent men and women. I felt so ill that I had to walk off. A physical response in the brain game.

It is an example of how successful tabletop games are in making political factors. The most extreme cases are Brenda Romero’s string of art-games eligible The Mechanic is your Message. Teach is the best understood of them. It seems initially to be a practice in getting gamers to optimize distance on public transportation. Throughout the match, it is revealed that it is really about hauling Jews to Auschwitz. If there was a direct, private presentation of this banality of evil, I have yet to view it. Nevertheless, this metering electricity remains untapped.

Even though the indie video game arena hums with political names such as Papers, Please Democracy 3, a few tabletop games have a political subject. This lack is a mystery to both Ruhnke and Romero. “Games are not anything more than methods where there’s a winner,” said Romero. “Politics would be the exact same.” Really, the designers agree that facial drama provides more chances to communicate a message compared to the neutral world of electronic interaction. “It is simple for a participant to betray a different internet,” Romero observed. “It is a whole lot more challenging to do this for their own face.”

For Ruhnke, it is about transparency. “Tabletop games set players within the planet by needing to understand and function the match version themselves” he clarified. “That aspect is much more crucial for matches which are about something contentious. Even players that are doubtful at the beginning can assess and select what portions of the version to grow their own comprehension, and the best way to depart from the roadside” Romero provides similar motives as the inspiration for continuing to style her matches. “An analog match is something amazingly perceptible, beautiful, bare, and raw,” she explained.


ALSO READ: Is Politics in Games a Debatable Matter?


“The programs are vulnerable; they aren’t concealed under images or obfuscated in code. It is there to see” For many of their normal ground, the utilization of those performers differs in a fundamental way. Romero attempts to place players in the part of the suffering. “When I am working in my own games, I’m always conscious of the men and women who dwelt the real-life system I am modeling in addition to the ones that are experiencing it during my match,” she explained.

Ruhnke’s matches, in comparison, are all about a higher level, strategic view of politics as problem-solving. It may appear that this runs the danger of trivializing the anguish of the involved. The programmer disagrees. “Good books, films, journalism, and art all search to amuse in order to draw interest while contributing penetration for deep debate,” he informed me. “Games should really be different.” In the end, the dearth of governmental board games is an issue of economics, unlike how solitaire is being played where you can play at online-solitaire.com.

Romero’s matches have been showpieces, never meant for industrial production. “It is difficult enough to market an analog match,” she found. “Selling one that audience is market by default is much harder.” Ruhnke’s writer, GMT Games, agreed. “Ordinarily we shy from the present event matches,” their handling partner Tony Curtis clarified. “Perceptions of present political events tend to be dominated by emotion and too little information. We released Ruhnke’s matches due to his unrivaled store of understanding about the Middle-East, also knew he would create his match factually based.”

Obviously, not everybody agrees about exactly what the”details” have been in any political situation. Politics will be easy when they did. And that is only the point. Working the mechanics of this tabletop game is an unbelievable chance to analyze competing perspectives. Ruhnke believes the tide is turning in spite of the dearth of industrial opportunities. “There are infinite, fascinating possibilities for gambling issues lately and present history,” he explained. “I receive thoughts almost weekly from players about doing so or new subject. My perception is that this hobby is coming about to realizing the chances of gaming life” Let us hope so.

Reactions to Train’ve ranged from tears to dire efforts to cheat. It is difficult to imagine anyone enjoying it rather than learning from the encounter. The Exact Same is the case of Labyrinth and also a Distant Plain, Ruhnke’s match over the war from Afghanistan. As politics become more and more fragmented and intense, maybe we would all gain from sitting, face to face, using a match developed to help us understand our competitor’s standpoint.


“Court Packing” Lost Its True Meaning Under Senator Mitch McConnell

When Justice Ruth Ginsberg passed away in September, Republican Sen. McConnell spearheaded another revival of the old Congressional phrase “packing the court.” This article explores information why today, the term exemplifies the polarization of Congressional lawmakers, as opposed to how Congressional lawmakers worked when the phrase was originated.

Origin of the Phrase “Packing the Court”

In understanding the divisive inference associated to the phrase “packing the court,” we must first have an idea how the language came about in American political history.

First off, it is directly related to the Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of 1937 that was proposed as legislation during the term of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR). The proposed legislation aimed to give FDR the support he needed in obtaining Supreme Court Ruling, for an appeal to reverse the decisions of the two lower courts that legally declared FDR’s New Deal programs as unconstitutional.

Bill 1937 mainly focused on giving FDR the power to install an additional of up to six (6) justices to the U.S. Supreme Court to replace every SC court member who goes past the age of 70 years and 6 months while still in office. That way, during his term as president of the United States, he would have “packed the court” with Supreme Court justices who will share his points of view, particularly in relation to his New Deal programs.

Through months of delay and deliberations, it became apparent that Bill 1937 was unpopular among Democratic and Republican lawmakers that it failed to pass Congressional approval.

Death of a Supreme Court Justice in 2016 Revived the Court-Packing Issue


In 2016, the final year of President Obama’s second term as president, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia met an untimely demise.

However, since 2016 was also the election year when Donald Trump ran for office as next U.S. president, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked President Obama’s attempt to appoint Judge Meryll Garland as the person to take the SC seat vacated by the late Justice Scalia.

Sen. Mitch McConnell and other Republican senators passed a filibuster ruling of suspending any hearing regarding presidential nominations for the vacant SC seat. They contended that since it was election year and that a new president will be elected come November 2016, it would be best to suspend all nomination hearings until after the official election outcome.

That way, the Democratic Party through Pres. Obama, will be prevented from “packing the court” with left-leaning justices regardless of whoever wins the election.

Court Packing Issue Re-Emerges After Justice Ginsberg’s Death in an ElectionYear

The tables had turned with regard to the court-packing issue after Justice Ginsburg passed away in September, with only a few days remaining until the November presidential election. Still using his position as head of Senate, Mitch McConnel and other Republicans reversed their stance over the court-packing issue.

This time, instead of maintaining the rule they introduced in 2016, the Senate became open to conducting a hearing that will immediately place a Trump nominee to fill up Justice Ginsberg’s seat. That is despite the fact that conducting the hearing, directly opposes the 2016 filibuster rule of suspending hearings for court nominations during election year.


When publicly confronted by opponents and critics over the Republicans’ turnabout on court-packing issue, Senator McConnell can only offer gibberish explanations while at the same time, treating it as a laughing matter.

Game of Thrones Review: Daenerys Targaryen’s Political Views and Issues

Among many intriguing elements of Game of Thrones and the novels by George R.R. Martin where it’s based, is that the effort to tackle a number of political problems. Though some may consider it frivolous to appraise the political concept of a dream series, it is well worth remembering that much more people have science fiction and fan sites than read considerable nonfiction diagnoses of political troubles.

In addition, social science study suggests that science fiction and fantasy, for example that the Harry Potter series, can also have a substantial influence on lovers’ political perspectives. After successfully completing the seasons of Game of Thrones, an game was released for the fans. For online game lovers, it’s best to get a high-quality gaming chair from Housetech to enjoy your gaming experience.

In the minimum, talking the politics of Game of Thrones is significantly less indisposing than assessing the considerably grimmer politics of the actual world. However, we could have some fun with literary political market.

Splitting the Wheel

At a famous scene in Season 5 of Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen contrasts the battle for power at Westeros into a spinning wheel which elevates one great royal house and then another. She vows she doesn’t merely mean to flip the wheel in her favor: “I am not likely to block the wheel. I will break the wheel. ” In the realm of this series, Daenerys’s announcement evolves since the principles of Westeros have left a dreadful mess of this continent.

Daenerys’s want to “split the wheel” indicates the chance of a much better strategy. However, what exactly, does cracking the wheel demand?

In the late phases, Daenerys appears to have little idea of what it means outside beating her enemies and installing himself as Queen Westeros’s Iron Throne.  Unlike most of the other rulers we view from the show, Daenerys has some real interest in improving the lot of ordinary men and women. Before coming to Westeros, she, and her military freed thousands of slaves around the continent of Essos.

Still, it is not clear if Daenerys has some strategy to stop potential oppression and injustice besides to replace the present set of wicked rulers with a much better one: herself. The notion of “breaking up the wheel” suggests systemic institutional reform, but not merely replacing the individual that has the dubious honor of planting their back end on the Iron Throne at King’s Landing. If Daenerys has some such reforms in your mind, it is hard to state what they are.

Daenarys Vs. Jon’s on Reformed Politics

Daenerys’s failure to give significant attention to systemic issues is shared with another excellent leader loved by fans of this series: Jon Snow, the newly enthroned King from the North. Maybe even over Daenerys, Jon has a real concern for average people. Perhaps to a much larger extent than Daenerys, nevertheless, Jon does not have any true idea of institutional reform.

But in Medieval Europe, where Westeros is approximately established, parliaments, merchants’ guilds, autonomous cities, along with other associations finally emerged to battle and suppress the power of kings and nobles. These improvements gradually helped lead into the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and the economic development which resulted in contemporary liberal democracy. Few if any these advancements are in signs in Westeros, which appears to have had tens of thousands of years of economical, technological, and intellectual stagnation. The figures in the novels and the TV series are not the only ones that mostly ignore the demand for institutional change.

Most of us read fantasy literature and see TV shows to be amused, not to find a lesson in political concept. Plus, it is far simpler to create a fun show concentrated on the requirement to substitute a villainous wicked ruler having a great, epic, and virtuous one, compared to create an exciting narrative concentrated on institutional inquiries. Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire is relatively unusual in raising the risk that institutional reform is the actual solution to the fictional planet’s issues, and in creating this thought among the fundamental themes of this narrative.

But obvious, the pop culture fixation on epic leaders instead of associations reinforces a dangerous trend of real-life politics. The benighted folks of Westeros are not the only individuals who expect that their problems might go away if we focus vast power from the hands of their ideal ruler. The identical pathology was exploited by dictators throughout history, both right and left.

However, it was intriguing, in the minimum, it did provide a great deal of info about Westeros’ governmental strategy. See examples below:

  1. Even if the king is equally capable and comparatively well-intentioned, the governmental system does not work all that well. When he is malevolent or incompetent, all sorts of disasters occur. And badly faulty kings appear to be more prevalent than great ones. The high frequency of poor kings as well as the inability of great ones to make much advancement is a powerful indication that the monarchy’s defects are largely systemic, instead of the mistake of a couple of faulty individual rulers.
  2. Much like the Roman Empire, Westeros beneath the Targaryen kings never produced some generally accepted principles of series. Therefore, civil war breaks out over such problems as if man relatives of this king take precedence over female people that are elderly or more closely connected. It’s also not clear if the king has the right to designate his own heir, or if there are laws of series he can’t put aside.
  3. Regardless of the, Blood and Fire deepens the puzzle of why Westeros has experienced many centuries of economic stagnation. It demonstrates that the kings spent in infrastructure and that there are lots of sources of investment funds aside from the Iron Bank of Braavos. Additionally, several the wonderful homes engage in extensive trade with other areas of earth. All this should stimulate substantial creation, expansion, and technological advancement. Yet very little appears to happen.
  4. Blood and fire makes evident that the stagnation likely is not brought on by dragons, even though speculation to the contrary from commentators on the prior novels and TV show. There are far more than about 10-15 domesticated dragons in Westeros in any one time, plus they do not appear to get used for anything but war and trangame to get their riders (mainly members of the royal household). They clearly do not substitute for labor-saving apparatus or provide trangame for trade. And, while they are strong battle weapons, they are not invincible and their existence should excite military innovation, not stifle it.
  5. Girls are second-class taxpayers in Westeros. However, they appear to have greater social standing and much more freedom than their real-world equivalents. We see a range of instances of these entering male-dominated careers, such as war. This further deepens the puzzle of Westeros stagnation, as comparatively freer Westeros girls need to be more effective than people of medieval Europe, nevertheless that doesn’t appear to result in considerably increased expansion.

Learn about Political Constructivism

Political constructivism is a way to produce and defend principles of legitimacy as well as injustice. This is closely related with John Rawls’ technique in subjecting deliberations regarding justice to hypothetical constraints. Rawls have argued that if each and every one of us reasoned in light of such conditions, we will be able to arrive in the same judgment towards justice.

Not only that, people’s shared judgment regarding justice will be precisely justified as it will result from suitably structured deliberative method. This is the key idea of constructivism; it holds complex entities that are constructed and built from fundamental elements.

So what’s Constructivism?

When it comes to political and moral constructivism, complex entities are the political and moral obligations or principles similar to principle to each as per to his/her merits or obligations that are created via contracts. Of course, there are some debates that are engulfing constructivism that happens to concern the nature of the said elements and also, the process in which they are assembled.

As a matter of fact, there are constructivists who are more subjective because they are casting these elements as values and attitudes of a living agent or, as settled political values of the given society.

Then again, there are others who are more objective because they are viewing these elements with universal precepts of the practical reasoning along with the abstract contraptions of a person or, the society as whole. In each scenario, the constructivist is holding the perception that these elements, regardless of how they’re being specified are brought along in set of reasons that favors one principle over the other.

It’s not Automatic

The procedure in which this takes place is a method of construction since the mind is actively assembling considerations from which the principle has been formulated. It is not passive in receiving these formulations. The absence of the active mental process leavers no options for justifying political institutions or guiding political actions neither a mean to evaluate political obligations. To be able to carry out these tasks, it is imperative to construct our metrics of evaluation.

Constructivism doesn’t just revolves around politics; because in reality, it takes place as well in other areas like in a business deciding whether to buy Instagram followers or not, in schools, whether this curriculum is better than this and the likes. In the end, it all falls on how the people working behind it views the situation and takes care of it.

Higher Courts Side w/ Houston Mayor in Cancelling GOP In-Person Convention

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner garners Texas Supreme Court’s support in cancelling Texas GOP’s in-person convention at the George R. Brown Convention Center. On the orders of Mayor Turner, city lawyers terminated the Texas GOP’s convention contract in light of health safety issues related to the rising cases of COVID-19 infections throughout Texas.

In response to the contract termination, Texas GOP lawyers filed a lawsuit, citing breach of contract on the part of Houston City officials. Although Houston federal judge, the Hon. Judge Lynn Hughes, ruled in favor of the Texas Republican Party, the decision was later overturned by State District Judge Larry Weiman.

Texas Higher Courts Side with Houston Mayor

Judge Weiman agreed with Mayor Turner in citing the rising COVID-19 statistics as reasonable ground for the cancellation of the in-person convention at the Center. The Court of Appeals judge also cited that the impact of the rising cases is the fact that major hospitals in the city have already exceeded the capacity of their intensive care unit.

As a matter of fact, the Texas Medical Association (TMA) had asked GOP convention organizers not to hold in-person gatherings. Yet as the GOP still insisted on proceeding with the plan, TMA withdrew its sponsorship of the convention.

Still, lawyers of the Texas GOP chapter brought the matter to the Texas Supreme Court, but to no avail. The Supreme Court simply denied the GOP’s filing of an appeal to refute the state judge’s decision that barred the party from holding an in-person convention by stating that:

“While it is unquestionably true that the Party has constitutional rights to engage in electoral activities by holding a convention, such rights do not include permission to commandeer use of the George R. Brown Convention Center.”

That being the case, the Republican Party of Texas has no other recourse but to hold a virtual convention, in the same way that the Texas Democratic Party had done so in June.

The Cyber Concerns of the League of Legends

Played in a 3D battle arena with role playing and technical aspects coming out into the live setting, League of Legends is considered as the most famous game on the worldwide web. The summoners or the players of the League of Legends game are partnered with another player based on their capability and level. This will lead into a setting that is in competitive mode which is more challenging and fun coming from the political effects of 3D printing. In addition to this, zaros boosting also adds up to their levels and playing skills.

Digital purchase during the game is possible for summoners via the use of the collected gold. This will boost the character’s defenses, attacks, and skills.

Anyone who has an Apple or Windows-operated computer can play this game. It is rated “T” which means that it is applicable for teens with ages ranging from thirteen and above. However, the game contains violence, sharp words, and sexual substances. And due to the fact that it is freely downloadable to anyone, younger users can also have the opportunity to open it.

Abusing the League Over the Worldwide Web

Big numbers of League gamers exhibit respectfulness and positiveness with each other. But still, a small part of the game is continuously using harassment and mistreatment

The game is freely downloadable

As mentioned above, the League of Legends can be downloaded for free. So, anyone can register, play, and join the game. Knowing this, kids playing the game may have a big chance of playing it with older ones. 

Playing in an online environment with mix-age players may cause grievance to the younger ones. Meanwhile, the kids may show disrespect to the adults playing in the game. The gap on the ages of each player shows the distinctness in their maturity which may expose the younger gamers to adult content and wordings.

Grievance dialogue

This kind of dialogue or speech is one form of harassment that can also be seen over the League. Basically, this means something that is offending, insulting or threatening to other groups depending on their culture, gender, race, religion, and color. One example is an expert game player who was banned because of his misbehavior. This player was permanently banned the very moment Riot Games had made an alteration with their guidelines.

Powers to Mandate Federal Quarantine

Questions on who has the power to end mandatory quarantine need answers, amidst news that Trump plans to end social distancing orders. Trump’s main goal is to encourage people to return to regular work.

Mandates for Quarantine or Isolation on a Federal Level

Actually, since the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has the power to mandate a federal order to implement measures that will protect the health and safety of the American public, the authorization to end social distancing measures must also come from the agency.

The moment the U.S. CDC finds scientific evidence that a suspected disease will likely spread and threaten the entire nation, the agency is vested with the power to mandate isolation or quarantine orders on a federal level. CDC’s legal authority includes determining the duration by which quarantine orders will take effect.

As part of the federal government’s actions to battle the disease, the Executive branch of the government will in turn order other government units or agencies to help CDC carry out quarantine orders aimed at preventing the spread of a highly communicable disease.

Government officials in all ports of entry and borders to U.S. territories will likewise implement isolation and quarantine procedures to prevent continuing spread throughout the country.

The CDC is also authorized to take other measures deemed necessary to avoid transmissions of the infectious disease, particularly to the vulnerable members of communities. In fact if social distancing measures will not be enough to attain CDC’s goal of stemming the spread of the contagion, the agency has the power to invoke massive quarantine or isolation by ordering people to shelter-in-place. Such an order will be implemented with the assistance of federal law enforcement authorities.

Most important of all, the CDC will assist state and local governments in carrying out actions to prevent the transmission of the disease in their respective communities.

Public Health Authorities Have the Power to Order Quarantine or Isolation at State and Local Levels

Public health officials of local and/or state governments have the power to mandate orders that restrict the movement of people. Shelter-in-place orders will serve as community quarantine procedures to prevent well individuals from being exposed to individuals who may have unknowingly contracted the disease, especially if the infected persons still do not exhibit the symptoms.

That being the case, public health officials have the authority to suspend crowd gatherings. Local and state governments on the other hand can compel non-essential business establishments to close, in order to eliminate opportunities for person-to-person transmissions.

State laws on how quarantine and isolation actions should be carried out or implemented, may differ between territorial jurisdictions. In the event that there is conflict between state or local mandates and federal order, the latter will prevail.

What Makes Trump Confident He Will Not Be Ousted from the Oval Office?

In a recent interview, Donald Trump showed confidence that he will not be compelled to vacate his position as president of the United States (POTUS). He called on the Lower House’s Judiciary Committee to speed up with the preliminary hearing processes. That way, the proceedings will advance to the Upper Chamber where the impeachment trial will take place.

Clearly unfazed about any possibility of being removed from office, his confidence only indicates that he expects that the majority of the Senators will simply vote against ousting him as POTUS. After all, the count for all Republican senators who will vote to absolve him of any impeachable offenses is 53, which outnumber the 47 total of 45 Democratic and two (2) independent senators who will vote for his removal.

The polarized figures clearly indicate that once the impeachment trial takes place on the Senate floor, the result is already a given — Trump will not be found guilty of any impeachable offense.

That is presumably the main reason why, Trump and his minions are quite blatant about their refusal to cooperate. Why bother with presenting evidence or testimonies in Trump’s defense? In all probability, the opposing parties and the news media will only use them as additional material to support the charges thrown against Trump.

Although there is logic to the strategy, it also presents an unexplored loophole on how impeachment trials work effectively. Existing foundations of the impeachment powers that rest on the side of the Lower House (Congressmen) and of the Upper House (Senators), works on the principle that partisan politics will not be a dominating influence.

Yet as the turn of events has it, this is how the Trump impeachment case will turn out to be. Laws, evidence and truth can be cast aside, if it means having to save one’s political career or a personal reputation safe from any information that may be used to destroy them.

Still, there is hope being held on to by those who still keep faith that not all Republican Senators are as callous and as thick-skinned as their colleagues.

What Possibilities Could Make the Impeachment Trial Result to Trump’s Removal?

There is a simple majority count, if the entire lot of 53 Republican senators will be pitted against the 47 total of the Democratic and Independent senators.

However calculation of a majority count is not fixed because this can still change if at least twenty (20) Republican senators will follow their conscience, instead of their political ambitions or personal reasons. If that will be the case, adding the 20 votes of conscience to the Democratic and Independent votes will bring the total to 67. This will now attain ⅔ majority of the house number needed to uphold all the impeachable acts as bases for Trump’s removal.

Twenty is a relatively big number that makes Trump confident he will not be removed from the Oval Office.

Yet there are indications that the critical 20 votes of conscience may surface from the following:

The 5 Republican Senators who have signified their intention to retire and to no longer run for office in light of their age, 70 years or older.

The 10 Republican Senators who are up for reelection only in year 2024, who may consider voting based on conscience over giving value to future political aspirations.

Republican Senators Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski, the only two Republicans who have been vocal in voicing their disapproval of Trump’s Ukraine dealings.

Votes of conscience can also come from a handful of Republican Senators who have been following the developments of the impeachment inquiry in order to have a sound basis for their decision. These are the GOP senators, who when interviewed recently, seemed to have taken into consideration the testimonies and evidence presented by the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees.

Your Sleeping Position Says Something About your Political Views

How Does a Person Identify the Best Sleeping Position

Sleeping position varies from one person to another. What is comfortable to you may not be that comfortable to other people even though you have the most comfortable mattress and pillow from https://www.sleepywill.com . Did you know that according to studies, the way we sleep is somehow relate to our political view and how we view things in general. But of course, this is not in general. The studies conducted involved number of people for the experimentation. For this article, we are going to discuss how come the way we sleep says a lot about our way of thinking.

A study was conducted to determine if the way we sleep, specifically which side of the bed we sleep, reflects our views in life in general or how come our brain influences it. Results show that if a person usually sleeps more on the left side of the brain, it means that they are more of a left-brained type of person, and if they are using their right brain then they are the type of person who mostly sleep on the right side of the bed.

There is a study showing that  if your first instinct once you see a bed is to sleep on the left side, then there is a huge possibility that you tend to oppose the government – initiatives and the politicians. We are not saying that you are literally anti government.What we are just trying to say is that they tend to oppose the views of the government regarding on a certain topic.

For those people who preferred to sleep on the right or left side of the bed, there are actually various reasons for that:

  • Most of the time, it is the best position for a person to get out of the bed.
  • The other side of the bed has a wall or a cabinet which put them in a not so comfortable position.
  • You might find this funny, but this is actually accurate. The other person/partner preferred the other side. And since you are a good partner, you adhere to his/her desire.

Reviewing the Legal Standards and Procedure by which Officials of the United States Can be Impeached

At the height of the growing controversy over the continuing acts of misdemeanors and high crimes being committed by incumbent president Donald Trump, calls for impeachment at the House of Representative, have now become louder. At the upper house of Congress, in which majority of the seats are occupied by Republican Senators, the general expectation is that they intend to block any resolution officially calling for Trump’s impeachment.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced that the House of Representatives will move forward with impeachment proceedings.

The deafening silence of Republican Senators are indicative that they still intend to protect Trump despite his admission of trying to make the Ukrainian president dig up dirt against Joe Biden, currently the leading Democratic presidential candidate. In doing so, it is obvious that they are still putting their political interests over and above their duties to protect, not only the sanctity of the U.S. election process, but the interest of the entire country as well.

Three Former Republican Government Officials Emerge to Challenge Trump’s Re-Election Bid

Three (3) members of the Republican Party, all former government officials, have voiced their agreement that Trump is indeed committing impeachable acts. At the same time, they have also announced their decision to challenge the incumbent president in the 2020 presidential elections, which could weaken Trump”s chances of being re-elected as president of the United States.

The three Trump-candidacy challengers are former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld, former House Representative and radio talk show host, Joe Walsh and former South Carolina Congressman and governor of the “Appalachian Trail, Mark Sanford.

Yet Trump has made it possible to cancel G.O.P, primary elections in four (4) states, namely Kansas, Arizona, South Carolina and Nevada, dampening the chances of any of the 3 former Republican officials to be nominated as official presidential candidate of the Republican Party.

Nonetheless, the 3 GOP members are voicing their support for Congressional impeachment proceedings. At the same time, they are also rebuking Republican members of Congress for putting their political interests over and above the interests of the entire nation.

What these 3 Republican politicians foresee is that if Republican Senators continue to do so, they will eventually destroy the reputation and trustworthiness of the Republican caucus.

Important Concepts about the Legal Standard and Procedure of Impeachment in the U.S.

Article II § 4 states that

”The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Article I § 2 of the United States Constitution gives the House of Representatives the sole mandate to formally impeach any of the aforestated person mentioned in Article II § 4.

Article I § 3 on the other hand, gives Senate the power to try the impeached government official and decide whether there is cause for removal from office or conviction. During an impeachment trial, the Supreme Court Chief Justice shall preside. In addition, a decision to convict requires the concurrence of two thirds of the members present.

Mueller Congressional Testimony a Disappointment for Dems, Reps, while Initial Reports Gave Less Focus on Important Aspects

Mueller’s 7-hour testimony in Congress was a large disappointment for Democrats seeking to give their impeachment drive a boost. Republicans did not succeed either in discrediting Special Counsel Robert Mueller with regard to his obstruction of justice case points in the Mueller Report.

Even more affected were the media network whose TV newscasters were already stating that Mueller’s Congressional testimony was a disaster, an hour after the 7-hour hearing started; giving Donald Trump basis to send out an early triumphant tweet that Mueller’s testimony as a disaster for Democrats.

Some Media’s Negative Portrayal of Mueller’s Congressional Testimony Overlooked a Few Things

Nearly everybody agreed with media’s description of Mueller’s Congressional testimony as less than dramatic, a disaster, a disappointment. The TV networks’ disappointment was because the live coverage fell flat in terms of expected viewer ratings. It did not fare better than their regular daily news programs. Early data coming from Nielsen Media Research showed the hearing coverage drew 13 million viewers throughout all TV networks.

Clearly, many overlooked the fact that Special Counsel Mueller had already announced during his DOJ farewell speech that if ever Congress compels him to testify, his verbal testimony will not be any different from what the Mueller Report contains.

Add the fact that before his actual appearance in the back-to-back hearings of the House Judiciary Committee and the Permanent Subcommittee on Intelligence, the Department of Justice served Mueller with a written notice to stick to the contents of the report, and nothing more.

Yet what was important to hear from the 7-hour hearing is that Mueller confirmed that his report did not lead to Trump’s exoneration over possible involvement with proven Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections. The importance of the confirmation is that it belies AG William Barr’s inference that the Mueller Report exonerated Donald Trump of any collusion with the Russians.

Mueller also affirmed that in the event Trump no longer holds office as president of the United States, he can still be charged in court for possible collusion with the Russian’s election interference activities and for acts aimed at obstructing the related investigations

Moreover, soundly testified that Russian interference in American politics is for real and is still ongoing, which he said is happening “even as we sit here”.

Kelly Craft to Recuse Herself from UN Coal Talks if Approved as U.S. UN Ambassador

In facing the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee for confirmation of her appointment as U.S. ambassador to the UN, Kelly Craft said she intends to recuse herself from any UN talks about coal issues. Ms. Craft, who is president Donald Trump’s second choice as envoy to the UN made the statement for the simple reason that her husband Joe Craft is a coal billionaire, being the Chief Executive of Alliance Resource Partners LP, one of the largest coal-producing companies in the U.S.

Currently, the coal-billionaire’s wife is the U.S. ambassador to Canada.

Nonetheless, and despite Trump’s aversion to campaigns on climate change, Ms. Craft made it clear that personally, she believes fossil fuels are partly to blame for the climate changes that have been occurring globally. In fact, Trump’s pick, stated clearly that

“Without a doubt, human behavior has greatly contributed to the ongoing climate change and that it poses real threats to our planet…if confirmed, I will be an advocate in addressing issues pertaining to climate change.”

Ms. Craft’s statements are in stark contrast to Trump’s stance against climate change science and initiatives. A stand he announced two years ago when said the United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. Said UN agreement aims to reduce global carbon emissions, being the most important element that scientists linked to harmful climate change.

Actually, Ambassador Craft’s nomination came up after Trump’s first choice, Heather Nauert, spokeswoman for the State Department withdrew her name from consideration citing her family as reasons. Ms. Craft though, will be facing other challenges aside from the climate change issues that U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres designated as a top priority, including making calls to end the construction of coal-powered plants.

Other Pressing Matters that Ambassador Craft Vows to Count Herself In

If Kelly Craft’s appointment as UN ambassador receives confirmation from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, she will be filling the position left by Nikki Haley in December 2018.

In taking over the post that was abruptly vacated by Haley for unclear reasons, Ms. Craft will join in UN efforts to discuss plans for containing Iran’s desire to spread influence in the Middle East. She will also be part of global body that intends to maintain rigid sanctions on North Korea to keep the country from wielding its weapons of mass destruction.

As additional concession for her approval, she told the Senate Committee she will keep a clear eye on Russians, because she does not view them as a friend to the country she represents.

Mueller Report : Why Trump Can be Criminally Charged for Obstruction of Justice

The Mueller Report serves as the official document summarizing the facts gathered by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in connection with his investigations on allegations of Russian interference during the 2016 presidential elections. In fact, the report, was originally titled as : “Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election,” which came to a conclusion that the allegations were true and had clearly violated U.S. criminal law.

Brief Summary of Mueller Report Volume 1

In Volume 1, Special Counsel Mueller presented details on how Russia interfered in order to influence voter decisions in the 2016 Presidential Election. Interference was carried out by way of two methods:

1) Launch of social media activities that assailed the campaign of Trump’s presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton, which in the process, also escalated social and political discord.

2) Russia’s military intelligence service, the GRU made possible the strategic release of damaging information (emails) intended to destroy Clinton’s campaign as presidential candidate of the Democratic Party. FBI agents working as part of the Mueller investigation team reported that Russia’s GRU participated by conducting computer hacking activities.

As a result, the FBI filed charges against six (6) former Trump political advisers, 26 Russian nationals, a California-based individual, and a London-based lawyer, all accused of taking part in Russian actions that influenced the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Five of the six (6) Trump political advisers and campaigners pleaded guilty and were incarcerated based on individual plea bargain agreement. They were culpable of other crimes, whilst pleading guilty to making false statements tantamount to obstruction of justice. The California man and the London-based lawyer likewise pleaded guilty to the charges filed against them by the FBI.

Brief Summary of Mueller Report Volume II

Volume II of the Mueller Report cited 10 instances in which Donald Trump as president of the United States privately attempted to control Mueller’s probe of the Russian interference. Attempts that mostly failed because those who received orders to do so, refused to carry out Trump’s instructions; including that of ordering the removal of Special Counsel Mueller as head of the investigating team.

Inasmuch as the cited instances did not fully substantiate allegations that he was in collusion with the Russians in their U.S. election interference, the report avoided making conclusions that Trump violated a criminal law as far as the interference was concerned. Still, FBI investigators were not convinced that he had no knowledge of the facts as his multiple actions, reactions and intent in trying to control the ongoing investigation indicated otherwise.

Special Counsel Mueller had instead concluded that it was up to Congress to make further investigations in order to determine Trump’s participation by attempting to obstruct justice. After all, the U.S. Congress has the authority to take action against the country’s president should it be established that Trump’s actions of trying to control of the investigation was meant to obstruct judicial proceedings.

Countries Have Laws that Ban or Restrict Vaping or e-Cigarette Smoking

While legislators in most countries are still grappling with recommendations and resolutions on how to regulate e-cigarette smoking or vaping, an estimated total of 40 countries have already instituted and implemented related policies. These countries may yet change their stance, since most current bans ànd restrictions are mainly in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO). That is, for governments to take a cautious approach to formulating policies that allow vaping or e-cigarette smoking.

Vaping has become widely popular as alternative to cigarette smoking during the past years; prompting the WHO to publish its own position regarding vaping and the issues to consider by countries when formulating policies.

WHO Gives Advice to Take Caution in Formulating Laws Governing e-Cigarettes

The WHO contends that vaping is no different from conventional cigarette smoking since both products contain nicotine, which is the very substance that poses as health risks to both smokers and passive smokers. E-cigarettes via Electronic Nicotine Delivery System or (ENDS) merely modifies the delivery of nicotine by vaporizing liquid.

The organization further argues that epidemiological studies have yet to be conducted, providing solid evidence on which to draw conclusions that vaping by way of ENDS is a healthier alternative to conventional cigarette smoking.

Citing the contributions submitted by over a hundred scientists and regulators, the WHO highlights conclusive evidence that the health risks lies on the toxicity of nicotine contents of both products, with which non-smokers can also be affected by second-hand smoke or vapor emissions.

Why Other Countries Have Yet to Implement Policies Pertaining to Vaping

In countries where politics have a major influence on how and what laws must be imposed, other issues such as taxation and political ideologies are still being taken into consideration. After all, taxes on tobacco sales, particularly on cigarettes, represent a substantial portion of government revenues.

While other governments consider including e-cigarettes in their tobacco taxation, other countries allow vaping but only in places where children are not present. EU member countries that allow vaping take particular attention to European Tobacco Products Directive (EUTPD) limiting nicotine strength to 20% and size of e-liquids to 10ml capacity, whilst requiring cartridges and clearomisers to a capacity not exceeding 2ml.

What Constitutes Obstruction of Justice and Who Commits this Crime?

Obstruction of justice has oft been mentioned lately, particularly in connection to a probe initiated by Democrats seated as members of the House Judiciary Committee. After hearing Michael Cohen’s testimony last February 27, 2019, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, (D-NY), said he has reason to believe that Donald Trump had obstructed justice.

What Does Obstruction of Justice Connote

In US legal parlance, obstruction of justice is termed as a process crime. It is a malfeasance by those who intentionally committed acts that prevent the judicial system, from carrying out processes and procedures critical to preserving the integrity of the justice system.

Who Commits Obstruction of Justice?

The most common example of actions constituting obstruction of justice are committed by perjurers, who were proven to have lied in providing testimony under oath. Persons or entities found guilty of concealing, destroying or altering physical evidence can likewise be charged with obstruction of justice.

Even prosecutors, attorneys, judges, elected and appointed government official are not exempt from being charged with obstruction, which also applies if they applied bribery or exerted coercion using threats or physical harm in obtaining evidence or testimony presented in court. On the other hand, a person summoned to testify or deliver evidence, but refused to do so as an act of deliberately undermining the authority of a court official, can be charged with obstruction.

What Steps Have Been Undertaken by the House Democrats in Carrying Out Their Probe?

Justice Committee Chairman Nadler, acknowledges that Cohen’s testimony in the hearing conducted by the House Committee On Oversight and Reform, requires a deeper probe to substantiate implications of Trump’s involvement in distorting justice proceedings.

In initializing the extensive investigation, the panel of Democrats in-charge, had sent 81 document requests addressed to various persons and entities with past or present ties to the Trump administration; including those involved in his presidential campaigns, as well as those associated with the Trump Organization and other family businesses constituted as part of his business empire.

Recipients of such requests are required to submit the documents on or before March 18, 2019.

Will Trump’s National Emergency Declaration be His Final Undoing?

The February 15 deadline passed with the approval of the remaining budget; averting another partial government shutdown. Although Pres. Trump affixed his signature as his concurrence on the appropriations budget approved by Congress, he is not happy with the less than $1.4 billion appropriated for  his US-Mexico border wall project.

Immediately after the signing, Trump declared the US South Border under a state of National Emergency. That way, he can assert his privilege to use $6 billion in military and home defense funding, as well as dip his hands to take out $600 million in the Treasury’s Forfeiture Funds. That denotes, the US president intends to augment the $1.4 Congress-approved appropriations with an additional $6.6 billion.

Trump Loses Solid Support of Republicans in Congress

The declaration sent a wave of negative reactions even from fellow Republicans, as many are certain that the declaration will not go unchallenged by Congress. If Trump continues to lose the support of Republican allies in Congress, the declaration may prove to be his final undoing.

The current US state of affairs is in a limbo, with Trump engaging in trade wars not only with China but also with neighboring countries Canada and Mexico, and with European Union countries as well. A failing economy only makes the US an easier target to overpower.

Everyone Except Trump and Advisers Know What is Happening in the South Border

Threats of national security because the south border wall is not high enough remain a product of Trump’s twisted imagination. After all, no matter how high the walls Trump builds, underground tunnels have been built beneath the bollard-style fences; making it possible for illegal immigrants to make their way past the US border.

Decreasing Homeland Defense is considered a greater security risk. Does Trump even know that Homeland Defense, through the help of local and state police, foiled drug operations carried out by way of various underground tunnels built by Mexico drug lords? Probably not, since he vehemently believes that

”Walls work 100% of the time.”

Understanding the Essential Facts About Scientific Law

Scientific Laws are present in all types of natural science, such as, but not limited to chemistry, biology, or physics. Mainly because the mathematical equation used in expressing a scientific law represents information that is constantly present under alike natural conditions. A natural condition being one that occurs without interference by man.

A Popular Example of Scientific Law

The most common scientific law cited as example, is that of Sir Isaac Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation. His observations about the distance, mass and gravitational force affecting acceleration of objects positioned on Earth, compared to the acceleration of the moon, were summed in his mathematical equation F= G*((m sub 1*m sub 2)/r^2).

F being the force of attraction between two bodies observed. G being the Universal Gravitational Constant that is determined by taking into account the mass of the first, and of the second subjects under observation (m sub 1 and m sub 2); as well as the distance (r) between the centers of each subject.

Newton’s scientific law merely offers proof that gravity exists universally. It extends beyond the boundaries of Earth, in which gravitational attraction occurs in all objects and in magnitudes that are inversely proportional to the distance separating each object. Yet this particular law which Newton formulated in the 17th century still did not offer explanations why the phenomenon occurs. That is because a scientific law only recapitulates by way of mathematical equation, consistent information derived from repeated observations of a natural condition.

Explanations pertaining to gravitational forces and how it works, came around 3 centuries later, after Albert Einstein came up with his “Theory of General Relativity.” Theory therefore, is another aspect of a scientific method.

The Interplay Between Politics and Lifestyle: Exploring the Impact on Paid Guest Posts

Paid blog posting about politics

Politics plays a significant role in shaping various aspects of our lives, including our lifestyles. From policy decisions to societal values, the political landscape can have a profound impact on the choices we make and the way we live.

In the realm of guest posting, where individuals share their perspectives and insights on various lifestyle topics, politics can also influence the content, tone, and reception of paid guest posts. This article aims to delve into the interplay between politics and a lifestyle paid guest post, highlighting the potential impacts and considerations that arise.

Content Alignment

The political climate can influence the types of topics that are relevant and resonant with audiences. For example, during times of social change or political discourse, certain lifestyle topics may gain prominence, such as sustainable living, social justice, or mental health advocacy.

Paid guest posts that align with these prevailing themes have a higher chance of capturing the attention of readers and generating meaningful engagement.

Tone and Messaging

Politics can shape the overall tone and messaging of lifestyle paid guest posts. Depending on the prevailing political atmosphere, posts may adopt a more cautious, diplomatic approach or a more assertive, advocacy-oriented stance.

The language used, the way ideas are presented, and the underlying values conveyed can all be influenced by the political context in which the posts are written and received.

Audience Reception

Political ideologies and beliefs can significantly impact how audiences perceive and respond to lifestyle paid guest posts. Individuals with different political leanings may interpret and evaluate the content through their own ideological lens, leading to varied reactions and levels of engagement.

It is essential for guest authors to be mindful of the diverse perspectives and sensitivities of their target audience and craft their posts accordingly.


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Sponsorship and Brand Alignment

In the realm of paid guest posts, political considerations extend beyond the content itself. Brands and sponsors may have their own political affiliations or preferences, and they may seek guest posts that align with their values or target specific political demographics.

Guest authors should be aware of the potential impact on their collaborations and ensure that their political stance, if any, aligns with the expectations and objectives of their sponsors.

Ethical Considerations

Engaging in paid guest posts within the context of politics raises ethical considerations. Guest authors must critically assess the alignment between their personal values and the positions advocated by the brands or platforms they collaborate with.

They should strive for authenticity, transparency, and integrity in their writing, ensuring that their content is ethically sound and aligns with their own principles.


The influence of politics on lifestyle paid guest posts is undeniable. As politics permeates societal discourse, it inevitably seeps into the content we consume and produce. Guest authors must navigate the dynamic relationship between politics and lifestyle with thoughtfulness, considering audience reception, brand alignment, ethical considerations, and the ever-changing political landscape.

By striking a balance between personal expression and sensitivity to the prevailing political climate, guest authors can create meaningful, impactful, and authentic content that resonates with readers and fosters constructive dialogue.


A Quick Look at the Political Past of Coffee in the White House

An industry study shows that the increased demand for the best coffee grinder for french press comes alongside a notable increase in coffee consumption among Americans. While 41% of over 220 million American coffee drinkers prefer the traditional drip coffee brew, about 27% shifted preference to the single cup system of the French press coffee maker. About 30% of which are into drinking the American espresso style of coffee.

Apparently, the traditional French press played an important role in the White House office since several popular past US Presidents were heavy drinkers of black coffee. While we are sure that the likes of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy and Teddy Roosevelt drank brewed coffee, we presume that the White House kitchen staff who prepared their coffee used a French press machine. After all, before the drip machine, the instant and go-to coffee were invented, the French press was most popular coffee-making device at that time.

Invented in 1852, it became well-known in European countries by other names such as coffee plunger, press pot, coffee press, cafetière à piston, caffettiera a stantuffo or just plain cafetière.

French Press Brewed Coffee vs. Drip Machine Brewed Coffee

Coffee experts explain that a French press brewed coffee is not stronger than a drip machine coffee as many are inclined to think It’s actually a matter of the pot press producing a cup with more intense flavor because the machine uses the direct immersion extraction method. The coffee grinds come into direct contact with boiling water but the grinds are prevented from becoming part of the hot drink by way of a metal mesh. The process permits the extraction of essential oils and other flavor molecules but without letting the solid particles get into the brew.

The method stands in contrast to the process used by a drip machine, as it uses a paper filter to retain and absorb oils and other fine substances to prevent it from getting into the liquid brew.

While many prefer the French press, others don’t because the brewed coffee tends to have a higher level of acidity. In addition there are fine particles called fines that give the cup of coffee a silty characteristic.

The baristas and expert coffee makers of today know that such issues can be avoided by using coarsely grinded coffee beans. The best brand of coffee grinder to use when using a French press brewing machine is one that can grind coarsely and consistently without producing fines that can pass through the machine’s steel mesh filter. Coarse and larger particles are also ideal for coffee presses because over extraction of flavor that brings on high levels of acidity can be avoided. Larger-sized and coarser coffee grinds tend to slow down the flavor-extraction process of the French press’ direct immersion method.

Dog Breed Preferences and Moral Foundations Theory: Exploring the Relationship Between Political Views and Pet Preferences



Many people have a preference when it comes to dog breeds. Some prefer small lap dogs, while others prefer larger, more active breeds. But have you ever considered how your dog breed preference might be linked to your political view? If you love cute dogs like the mini Goldendoodle here, what does that mean?

A study published in the journal Anthrozoös explored the relationship between dog breed preferences and moral foundations theory. Moral foundations theory suggests that individuals prioritize certain political values over others, which can influence their attitudes and behaviors.

The study surveyed 406 participants on their dog breed preferences and their endorsement of different political views and moral values, such as care, fairness, loyalty, authority, purity, and liberty. The results showed that individuals who placed higher importance on the moral value of authority were more likely to prefer breeds traditionally associated with guarding and protection, such as Rottweilers and Doberman Pinschers. Those who prioritized the moral value of care were more likely to prefer breeds known for their affectionate and gentle nature, such as Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers.

Interestingly, the study also found that participants who placed higher importance on the moral value of purity were less likely to prefer mixed-breed dogs. This suggests that they may view purebred dogs as more “pure” or “clean” than mixed-breed dogs.

So what does this mean for dog breed preferences? While it’s important to note that the study only found a correlation between political views and breed preferences, it does suggest that our values may play a role in the types of dogs we are drawn to. This can have implications for dog breeding and adoption practices, as well as how we view and treat different dog breeds.


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It’s also important to consider the potential biases and stereotypes that may be associated with certain dog breeds. Breeds such as Pit Bulls and Rottweilers have historically been stigmatized as aggressive and dangerous, leading to discriminatory practices such as breed-specific legislation. However, studies have shown that breed-specific legislation is not an effective way to reduce dog bites and attacks and that responsible ownership and proper training are key factors in preventing dog-related incidents.

In conclusion, our political views and moral foundations may play a role in our dog breed preferences. However, it’s important to approach breed preferences and dog ownership with an open mind and without preconceived biases or stereotypes. All dogs, regardless of breed, have their own unique personalities and characteristics and should be treated with love, care, and respect.

Difference Between Single Cylinder and Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Doors have a significant impact on both the interior and exterior appearance of your home or buildings. Style and security go hand in hand, whether a canary yellow craftsman door or a bright white French patio door. Learn about single-cylinder versus double-cylinder deadbolts and which is best for your home. Get help from Slotenmaker Rotterdam Noord if you have problems with door locks. The critical distinction between them is their locking mechanism.

Deadbolts with a Single Cylinder

Single-cylinder deadbolts are locks with a key slot on one side and a thumb-turn mechanism on the other to unlock or lock it. The key slot is usually outside your house, while the thumb-turn is on the inside.

Advantages of Single-Cylinder Deadbolts

What are some advantages of a single-cylinder lock over a double-cylinder lock and vice versa? Let’s look at where each one excels and where it may fall short, depending on your requirements.


One of the reasons this type of deadbolt is more popular is that it is less expensive. Single-cylinder deadbolt locks range in price. Price is an important consideration when you need multiple locks around your house.


It is convenient only to turn your deadbolt when locking or unlocking your door. The same is true if you must leave your home in an emergency. It’s simpler and safer to open your door and flee to safety.

The Drawbacks of Single-Cylinder Deadbolts

While most locks will do the job, weighing your options is always a good idea. While there is only one disadvantage to single-cylinder deadbolts, it is a matter of personal preference.

Less Safe Than Dual Cylinders

Single-cylinder deadbolts provide adequate security but are less secure than double-cylinder deadbolts.

Advantages of Double Cylinder Deadbolts

Double cylinders can help you increase the security of your home or keep curious children from wandering outside alone.

Excellent Security

You need a key to enter and leave, which significantly improves home security.

Inside Your Home Is Safe for Occupants

Double-cylinder locks can also keep your loved ones safe from the inside. If you have children with cognitive impairments, these locks can ensure they only go outside if they are noticed.

The Drawbacks of Double Cylinder Deadbolts

You may be tempted to install double-cylinder deadbolts in your home, but there are some drawbacks.

Not for General Use

These locking mechanisms should not be used on all doors in your home. You may have better options if you need the same deadbolt style throughout your home.

Single Cylinder vs. Double Cylinder Deadbolts

Single-cylinder and double-cylinder deadbolts can improve your home’s security and provide peace of mind. They are not, however, one-size-fits-all; each is better suited for specific scenarios. Single Cylinder Deadbolt is the best option for the entire house.

If you need to replace all of the locks in your home, single-cylinder deadbolts are an excellent choice. They’re more practical for general use in bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets where locks on both sides of the door aren’t necessary.

Leadership Lessons from Barrack Obama

Marine One


By the time you read this, you already know who the new president is today. But what I do know is that I see some positive lessons from Barack Obama that give me hope for the future. Obama had been a great leadership figure who was even featured in an article by Melbado. To learn from his ways, let’s start with the death of his grandmother.

First, he interrupts his campaign to spend a few days with her. Yesterday he shed a tear at his standard speech in one of the swing states. Well, here’s a real person! This is not a machine that wants to achieve its goal at all costs. This is someone who measures with the human dimension. But leading a large organization is something completely different, isn’t it? I strongly disagree with that. If a top director decides to lay off 1000 employees, he must know how that feels, how it feels with the employees, and only then make a decision.

Of course, it is much easier to see people as numbers on a spreadsheet, but that is a pity. Machines don’t make decisions properly, or they make the wrong decision. The idea that you treat each other differently in an organization (business, professional) than in a normal situation with normal people, your friends say, is bad nonsense. The same principles of good manners, compassion, empathy, and clarity continue to apply whether you’re dealing with family, friends, coworkers, subordinates, or your boss.

Indication number 2 is the quality of the organization around Obama. First, he defeats the killed candidate Hillary Clinton. He then runs an impeccable campaign with incredibly enthusiastic employees. It seems that Obama can recognize people’s qualities and succeeds in attracting the right people who then work for him with unprecedented enthusiasm. This is an underestimated quality of successful leaders that is critical. Indication number 3 is the way he dealt with the affair with his pastor.


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A few days later he gave a speech with the theme that the sensitive issue of the relationship between black and white has several sides. A difficult and complex message that people basically don’t want to hear. Nevertheless, he managed to build credit with this complex message. Our politicians can take the issue of the new Dutch as an example. That is a similar subject where you have to broadcast two messages at the same time: message 1: new Dutch people belong completely and are ours, message 2: we expect the following from new (and exactly the same from old) Dutch people because we care about you, and if it does not succeed in fulfilling those expectations, there is a problem and we intervene. Obama is able to send out such a message, I don’t see Dutch politicians doing it yet.

The new president does not have to be bored for the time being. That much is clear. It seems that Obama has some crucial leadership skills in place that can help him face the challenges ahead. I hope it will be him, and I hope that with my cold ground analysis I am close to reality.

The Hope for New Political Process in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Flag


In view of a comparatively stable military situation in Ethiopia, the Federal Government hopes for the beginning of a new political process in the country. The Tigray Liberation Front TPLF has not been able to penetrate the capital Addis Abbaba as feared, said the Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Niels Annen (SPD), this morning in the Development Committee. The Ethiopian government has already announced a dialogue (which has been transcribed by Amharic translators) and released a number of political prisoners, including members of the TPLF, as part of a Christmas amnesty.

Since November 2020, northern Ethiopia has been the scene of an armed conflict between the central government in Addis Ababa and the TPLF with a focal point in the Tigray region. Annen spoke of a “serious conflict” as a result of which 9.4 million people are dependent on humanitarian aid, 5.2 million of them in the Tigray region alone. 400,000 people are threatened by famine, and 2.4 million people nationwide are internally displaced. The most serious human rights violations are documented on both sides.

According to Annen and a representative of the Federal Foreign Office (AA), bilateral development cooperation and the reform partnership agreed upon with Ethiopia have been on ice since the beginning of the fighting, and the personnel on the ground had to be withdrawn. Since 3 January, however, the helpers have been able to have a voluntary presence in some areas, which has prompted many employees of the Federal Foreign Office and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to return. In addition, humanitarian aid has significantly increased. In view of Ethiopia’s great importance for the entire region, both government representatives emphasized the hope and willingness to continue the projects so far and to expand both development cooperation and humanitarian aid if necessary.


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The CDU/CSU parliamentary group also said that a break-up of the country would have an immense impact on the entire region. A national dialogue and stronger support for the country are therefore necessary. A representative of the SPD parliamentary group added that Germany could, among other things, use its chairmanship of the G7 to support the political process.

The parliamentary group Bündnis 90/Die Grünen warned of an intensification of conflicts due to the climate crisis. This could again jeopardize possible political solutions. The FDP parliamentary group inquired about the future of the various projects of the Federal Foreign Office and BMZ in the country.

A representative of the AfD parliamentary group said that the situation on the African continent was increasingly fragile, and even 60 years of development policy had not changed. The country is suffering from severe environmental problems as well as a collapse of supply chains in the wake of the corona pandemic.

Referring to voices from the United States, the Left Party warned against intervening militarily in the conflict. This entails all the more the danger that it could spread to the entire region.

Why Government Buildings Need to Be Clean

Government buildings are important because they are a representation of the government. The buildings and the people in them need to be clean and well-kept. They also must be safe for all visitors, which is why they must be kept clean.

A government building is any building that belongs to the government – federal, state, county, or city. These buildings are important because they represent the government and show what it does for its citizens. Government buildings need to be clean so that visitors feel welcomed and safe when they visit them.

The buildings are also used to conduct business, and it’s important to keep them clean to be used for their intended purpose. They also need to be kept clean so that the people who work there can feel at home and comfortable in their environment, which will help them do their job better.

Another reason why it is important to keep government buildings clean because doing so will help create jobs for people in the area who need them most. When government buildings are not being cleaned regularly, there will be more jobs for janitors and professional cleaners who live in the area. 

What is the Best Way to Clean Task Rooms in a Government Building

Cleaning task rooms in a government building is not an easy job. Many people don’t have the time or knowledge to do it properly. There are many ways to clean a government building. The best way to clean task rooms in a government building is by using a vacuum cleaner because it helps remove dust, dirt, and other particles from the surface area.

The first thing that you need to do when cleaning these rooms is to vacuum them thoroughly and then wipe down any surfaces that have dust on them. You should also make sure that you clean all the corners, cracks, and crevices. You should also use disinfectant spray on all surfaces you’ve cleaned with water or soap.

The vacuum cleaner has two types of vacuums: wet and dry. A wet vacuum cleaner uses water to remove dirt from surfaces, while the dry type uses air pressure to suck up dirt and dust particles. Vacuum cleaners are very effective for removing small particles that may be too difficult for hand-washing or sweeping methods.

Politics And Leadership: What Dogs Teach

Making decisions is an absolute foundation for leaders. But your decisions must also be followed by concrete actions.

The concrete result of an actively made decision is the implemented action. If, on the other hand, no action follows your decision, it just remains with an idea or a thought construct. You remain passive and you give up your creative possibilities.

Bear in mind that with mostly passive decisions for your dog, you will become anything but a reliable and confident leader. You have to take action.

Clarity in communication as a leader and a dog owner

Communication always takes place, for example, as soon as two people even perceive each other. The same applies to communication between you and your dog. And since communication is part of behavior, your behavior and communication will always affect your dog and vice versa.

This means that your actions, your facial expressions and gestures, but also your inaction or ignoring are always part of messages to and for your dog.

Reflectivity as a leader

A leader has learned to reflect on himself and also to be reflected by others. Reflecting does not mean doing what you think you have to do to please others. It means examining your own decisions and actions and thinking about why you have mastered certain situations successfully but not others.

It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, because all people make them. However, it is not effective if you make the same mistakes over and over again and wonder why you keep banging your head against the wall. It is not for nothing that they say; you can learn from mistakes.


Reliability & predictability

Another characteristic of good leadership qualities are reliability and predictability.

For your dog, reliability and predictability relate both to a consistent formal framework and to a social and emotional framework.


As a leader, you should always be fair to other people.  As a dog owner, treating your dog fairly does not just mean setting up sensible rules, enforcing them and reliably teaching your dog what you expect from him.

Fairness also means seeing your dog as a dog with its needs, personality and characteristics. You are giving your dogs opportunities to develop their canine and breed-related characteristics in a controlled manner.

Fairness towards your dog also means that you teach him all your obligatory verbal commands so cleanly, in small steps and precisely that he can later execute them without errors. How well your dog can recall these courses of action afterwards has, like so many things in life, to do with your time, accuracy, patience and consistency in politics.

How You can Influence People’s Political Views?

Politics is a hot topic right now, and the stakes are higher than ever. In the last few years, there has been an uptick in political activism by both left-wing and right-wing groups.

Fortunately, it’s not too late to influence others and help shift public opinion back towards a more neutral ground where we can once again collaborate across party lines rather than fight tooth and nail against one another over every little thing.

Show Empathy

People don’t want to be talked down to. They want to be heard, understood, and treated with empathy. This is especially true if you’re trying to get someone who holds a different political view than you to change their mind.

People are likely looking for a way to make their current political views seem more reasonable, but if you’re not actively listening to what they’re saying, you’re not going to be able to help them do this. It just means that you have to actively listen to them, try to understand where they’re coming from, and show empathy for what they’re going through.

Give People Something to Lean on when Things Get Tough

Politics is rarely easy, and there will be times when you disagree with people who have different political views than you. This can be especially true if you try to get people to change their minds.

When you’re trying to change someone’s political views, you want to make sure that you’re not only being as honest as possible, but that you’re being gentle, kind, and respectful as well.

Help People Identify What They Care about and Why It Matters to Them

If you want to get someone to change their political views, it’s helpful to help them identify what they care about and why it matters to them. This means that you have to get them to think about what’s important to them and why it’s important.

If you can do this, it will be much easier for them to find new ways to achieve the things that they care about. If you’re passionate about gaming, you can still do this by reading articles about gaming and making your own containing all your persuasive ideas.

Importance of Templates for Politics

It is extremely important for political parties and candidates to institute contact with voters. In addition, such communication should have its own strategy and not be carried out just once. The potential audience can read the program several times and study the main points on which you will work in the future. This point means you need a good website where all the information is easy to find. Politics landing page templates help make any page attractive and style it in a patriotic spirit.

You will not only redesign the website. Products make it more convenient for the visitor. All items are in the right place, and finding information is faster. Thanks to exceptional layouts, supporters can find the things they need. The modern, attractive, stylish design is beautiful to the eye.


Features of political campaign landing page templates

Every political landing page has its own peculiarities and therefore different needs. For instance, one person is the focus. The design encloses bright accent colours based on the colour concept of the entire company. Also, you need the skill to upload the election program, which contains the plans for the future work of the headquarters. Catchy and modern components should also be there.

Who can use politics landing page templates?

The templates are suitable for political parties and state organizations, for the politician’s promotion and work products. In addition, you can use the landing page to promote any event perfectly, for example, candidate speeches, rallies, or training camps. The products are appropriate both for a complex tool for point-to-point non-global goals and in political campaigns.

How to use single-page website templates for political election campaigns

Make changes first. The usual offering has several plans to choose from. Consider a colour scheme. Finally, try to combine it with the main colours of the campaign and its symbols.

Second, you need to fill the website with content. There will be pictures and text. Choose only original photos or those that have already been used in an advertising campaign. For example, a candidate photo. Also, they should be of good high resolution so that there is no graininess or blurring of the image after uploading to the website. Write catchy texts, and use keywords ideal for political campaigns.

Buy TikTok Views: Boost Your Profile – Buy Votes: Ruin Your Reputation

What is TikTok and why is it a good idea to buy TikTok views?

TikTok can be classified as both a Social Networking Site and a Media Sharing Site. It is mainly used to create and share short-form videos of varying content. Among the trending video contents that TikTok users, or “TikTokers”, create and share includes funny skits, lip-syncing, challenges, magic tricks, and dance routines/steps.

The video sharing platform is relatively new as it was only launched in September 2016. In 5 years’ time, TikTok has become one of the leading social media sites that is available in more than 150 countries. As a result, it currently harbors over 1 billion users worldwide and downloaded more than 2.6 billion times globally.

Be Visible – Buy TikTok Views

TikTok is tremendously popular among Gen Zers. This may not come as a surprise since Gen Zers are regarded as trendsetters, and when it comes to discovering the most recent trends, TikTok is the place to be.

A lot of TikTokers aspire to be “TikTok Famous” since there are numerous benefits that comes with it. Apart from becoming well-known in the TikTok community, this fame also gives you the opportunity to earn an income on the platform. However, as with other social media platforms, being TikTok famous can be a challenge, let alone secure a place on the Discover page of TikTok where popular and trending videos are featured.  This is where buying TikTok views becomes an option.

So, why buy TikTok views? The number of views that you get on TikTok is one of the major metrics that determines the popularity of your content. View count considerably impacts the way TikTok algorithm will see your content.  If you are able to get a huge view count on one of your video content, the algorithm of TikTok will identify that content as trendy and popular. As a result, it is pushed forward making it more visible to the TikTok community, which can get you more organic views.

Buying TikTok views is something that you can do especially if you are only beginning on TikTok. These views will give your content and profile a push. It sets it in motion for it get noticed and viewed by a wider scope of audience.  The more organic views you get, the better it is for your profile, beginning your journey towards being TikTok famous.

In The Political Sphere – Voter Fraud

In the political sphere, all political candidates running for a position in the government make the most of the campaign period so as to influence, persuade or win the votes of the people. Of course, the more people they influence, the more votes they get, which is key to winning in an election.

While buying views, likes, and followers on social media does help in boosting content/profile for it to be more visible and popular, buying peoples’ votes so as to secure a seat in the government is Voter Fraud. It doesn’t give political candidates a boost or make them more popular. Rather, vote buying and other forms of voter fraud ruin one’s credibility, integrity, reputation and breaks the trust of the people.

Reasons Why Politicians Won’t Admit Their Crimes

“If he admits to his crimes, then he can’t get away with them.”

This is the most common reason why politicians won’t admit their crimes. They are afraid of being caught and punished for their actions.

Another reason is that they are afraid of tarnishing their image and losing power. If a politician admits to committing a crime, then it might tarnish their image and make it harder for them to win in the next election.

Even if they do admit their crimes, some people may not believe them because they think that politicians have too much power and control over society.

What Are the Best Ways to Catch a Politician in a Lie?

In order to catch politicians in lies, we can use the following methods:

– Interviews with experts: Experts can provide insight on how politicians think and what their motives might be. They can also speculate on why they might be lying or give us evidence that they have lied before.

– Studies: Studies conducted by political scientists or pollsters can provide useful insights into how people think about particular issues

-Lie detector test: A lie detector test is a psychological examination that is used to detect deception by measuring physiological reactions of the subject to questions.

Politicians are invited to take lie detector tests because they are required by law for anyone who will be in charge of national security or the defense. The test can also be used for other purposes such as when someone is suspected of a crime.

In order to be able to take the test, candidates must provide information about themselves and their family members and friends. This includes personal details such as their address, phone number, and social media accounts.

In recent years, more people have been using the test as a way of getting information about politicians and public figures before voting for them or deciding whether they should trust them with their money.

5 Types of Shoes Politicians Wear And Their Political Meanings

The Shoe is an important part of the political image. It can make or break a politician’s game.

For decades, the shoe has been an important part of a politician’s game. It is a tool to show character and the ability to connect with voters. However, it can also become a big liability if it falls off during a speech or if someone is caught on camera wearing mismatched shoes.

But for the average working-class who prefers to wear comfortable workboots, it’s a symbol of hard work and humility. For the younger generation, it’s a symbol of fashion.

In this post, Workboots Ireland (supplier of premium work boots for men online) explains the 5 types of shoes and their political meaning.

What Are the Symbolic & Political Meanings Behind These Shoes That Politicians Wear

1. Oxford Shoes & Peacock Shoes – This Is How a Politician Can Be a Social Revolutionary

Oxford shoes are an iconic symbol of British culture. They are a staple in the office and a style of choice for many.

With Oxford Shoes, a politician can be a social revolutionary by changing the way people think about what it means to be fashionable.

Peacock shoes are another popular shoe type that is associated with the elite and powerful people. These shoes are often used to convey status and power, which is why they have been used by politicians as well to convey their message.

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2. Converse All-Stars – A Very American Iconic Resistance to Authority

Converse All-Stars are a very American icon of rebellion. They are often worn by artists, musicians, and activists to express their individualism and nonconformity.

The Converse All-Stars were first manufactured in 1908 by the company Converse. The company was founded by Marquis Mills Converse, who was a former player for the Akron Triangles football team.

3. Sneakers and Athletic Footwear – Athletic Clothing Signifies Strength and Courage in America’s Past

As America’s past has been shaped by the evolution of athletic apparel, the power of sneakers and athletic footwear has been a part of American culture since its conception.

While sneakers may not be as popular in the past, it is still important to understand the history behind them. The rise in the popularity of sneakers can be attributed to their versatility and practicality.

The history of American sneakers can be traced back to the early 19th century when shoes were made from leather. As leather shoes became less popular, rubber-soled shoes were introduced for sports activities. The invention of vulcanized rubber allowed for a more durable shoe that could withstand long hours on your feet and provide comfort without sacrificing style.

4. Boots and Military Footwear – Military Footwear Is Symbol Of Rhetoric And War In America’s Past

Military footwear is a symbol of rhetoric and war in America’s past.

Military footwear has evolved over the centuries. In the early days, soldiers wore what they were given; however, during the Revolutionary War, soldiers began to wear boots that were made specifically for them.

Although boots are still worn by military personnel today, they are not as important as they used to be because of advancements in technology and evolving trends in fashion.

5. Dress Shoe Oxblood Shoes – These are often worn by powerful men who want to make a statement.

With the emergence of the oxblood color, these shoes have been on the rise for a few years now. They are often worn by powerful men who want to show off their wealth and status.

This is a type of dress shoe that is often worn by powerful men who want to show off their wealth and status. These shoes are generally made of leather or suede and they come in different colors like black, brown, blue, grey, red, green, and yellow.

Why e-cars will prevail quickly


The policy has prevailed. What the automotive industry never wanted has actually happened: Diesel vehicles and petrol engines will soon be a thing of the past, as will hybrid drives. Why the future of drives belongs to the electric motor.

It was not the customers who decided, nor the automotive industry either: politicians have pushed through the fact that we can finally be cleanly mobile in the future, among other things with a series of purchase incentives. In Europe, various other factors have also supported dramatic growth in electric vehicles from the first quarter of 2020 – most notably increased awareness of the impact of fossil fuel mobility on air quality, but also the introduction of new electric vehicles.


Automakers move in

Whether in cities like the pioneers of Paris, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles or in government, more and more players understand the symbiosis of sustainability and innovation as a key factor in the future.

General Motors was the first automaker to announce the end of the fossil fuel era. From 2035 onwards, the company wants to sell only emissions-free vehicles in the region, and by 2040 the entire group will be CO2-neutral. The main goal was to quickly find an impersonator, first the competitors Volvo and Jaguar, and then the driving service provider Uber. Fossil dominoes fall one after another.

Overall, the trend is clear. Drive electrification, which has been debated for years, is suddenly happening at a tremendous rate. This leap in the direction of electric vehicles is accompanied by aggressive models by manufacturers. The industry has announced 600 new electric vehicle models by 2024.


Political green pressure – worldwide

For example, manufacturers need to reduce average CO2 emissions from vehicles in the EU by almost 40% by 2030. Failure to do so will result in a fine of € 95 per gram of CO2, which deviates from current EU standards. Therefore, automakers are forced to sell as many electric vehicles as possible to prevent the EU from further tightening the knob screws in the future.

In China, the central government has already decided in 2019 to extend the incentive for electric vehicles until the end of 2021. By 2025, EVs (electric vehicles) are expected to account for 20% of new vehicle sales, but political subsidies and customer preferences allow for a 50% market share. In the United States, it is expected that by 2030, 500,000 public charging stations will be installed in addition to the 90,000 already installed to meet the Biden administration’s climate goals.


New Games, New Players

Therefore, the automotive industry has no choice but to electrify its portfolio as quickly and comprehensively as possible to get rid of the image of a dirty car maker. At General Motors, Volkswagen and Hyundai, there are three notable examples of recent significant increases in budgets for electrification. In addition, new players are in the limelight.

Dozens of manufacturers that have been founded in recent years want to position themselves in the newly emerging electronics market. Many emerging players are standing out from the crowd with massive funding, with Chinese manufacturers, in particular, receiving skyrocketing valuations.


The question of reach

In principle, electric mobility can be implemented without any problems despite the shorter ranges, but for any problems with your car, visit gotu for any car services. The reservation of charging slots based on real-time information actually makes the hectic search for electrical charges obsolete. You can already travel purely electrically from the North Cape to Sicily today, and the actual travel time will hardly look any different compared to conventional journeys. A prerequisite for this, however, is navigation systems that know which charging station is available where across all providers.


Electric cars are here to stay

Even if some are still discussing the pros and cons of electromobility: The change is irreversible, the future will be electric purely electric. Dirty engines, on the other hand, are being thrown out of almost every city and country. Goodbye combustion engines, welcome drive!

The majority of customers still have to be pushed to their luck but they will never regret it: after just a few kilometers in an electric car, nobody wants to go back to the world of combustion engines. The biggest drivers are therefore the national and local governments, which are already making decisions about the future. In addition, many players can now build and sell electric cars, and they can be sure of the advanced praise of the financial institutions. This is changing the market drastically: from the low-priced tiny car niche to the highest-priced luxury segment, the evolution will create a large variety of shapes and models.

Productivity Tools For Businesses And Government Organizations: Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus And Office 365 Government

The computer has developed into an extremely vital tool in all industries because of its speed, efficiency, accuracy and functionality in completing numerous tasks. It can do simple to complex calculations in less than a second, store massive amounts of data, access and process data and information, as well as many other capabilities that would usually take people more time to get done thoroughly and correctly.

While computers do help many people complete numerous tasks, this wouldn’t be possible without certain software applications. Microsoft Office is bundled productivity software applications that aid in simplifying basic office jobs and assignments as well as boost work productivity. Every application in the bundle is designed to tackle specific tasks, like managing data with MS Excel, composing texts with MS Word, creating professional-looking slide presentations with MS PowerPoint, and organizing emails with MS Outlook. Also called MS Office or Office, this package software by Microsoft have greatly assisted individuals and enterprises in getting numerous jobs done in an easy, quick, well-organized and professional way.

Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus for Businesses

As computers run in different operating systems and users having diverse needs, Microsoft released multiple versions of the software. Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus is an edition of the MS Office 2019 version compatible with Windows 10 and Mac OS. Offered as a one-time purchase, the suite can only be obtained through  volume licensing channels such as

Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus is meant for big corporations and businesses to meet their business needs. It contains the all-important Office applications paramount for businesses and corporations to productively carry out tasks. Included in the suite are the primary applications found in all MS Office versions (Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word) plus Access, Publisher, Skype for Business, as well as other improved features.

If you are in need of a versatile solution that is ideal for your PC/laptop at a fair price, go directly to impkeys.com as they offer several MS Office 2019 professional plus versions whether the program is needed for commercial or personal purposes.

Microsoft Office for Government Organizations

As everyone has diverse needs, Microsoft introduced the Office 365 Government. This subscription-based plans which are allowed to be licensed to an unrestricted number of users, are designed to meet the distinctive needs of  government entities. Every plan includes all the faculties and features of Office 365 in a sectioned government cloud community, enabling government organizations to conform to U.S. compliance as well as security standards.

Office 365 Government aids government organizations to streamline collaboration and simplify business processes as well as provide unparalleled mobility, reliability and security. Those qualified to avail of these government business tools by Microsoft includes:

  • eligible government units, including entities of the US federal, local, state, tribal, as well as territorial government
  • other entities (provided that eligibility is validated) handling data bound by government requirements and regulations, where Office 365 Government use is applicable and proper so as to adhere to these requirements and regulations.

IntrixJB: Starting A Career In Politics?

Today’s jobs are more insecure than ever. It doesn’t matter how many faculties you have, how good you are in your field, at some point you may not have a place to go.https://www.intrixjb.com/jailbreak/download/

It’s true, there are certain trades that are always needed, regardless of the political context. But there are few and it is very difficult to reach a certain degree of professionalism in them.

Among them is the job of a politician. Whether it is the economic crisis or the economy is going extraordinarily well, politicians are always important players in a country and there is a real need for them. Especially if they are very good at what they do and have a healthy mindset, they have a backbone. Thus, downloading political apps with can be helpful.

IntrixJB: Being a politician is a beautiful job

You have achievements, you enjoy attention, success, if you get involved enough. But it is also the job that, in many moments, you wished you hadn’t had. Being a politician today also requires a dose of courage, ambition, determination. The experience that this job offers you is nothing like what you see in other jobs.

Why? Because in politics you always have challenges, no day is like another, especially in campaigns or when you are involved in various political disputes, debates.  Politics is only for the strong, for those who master oratory and know very well how to handle any situation. Because being a politician means being willing to have a flexible schedule. You have certain principles and ideas that you can articulate and explain whenever needed.

Joining a political party: IntrixJB

An important step in having a career as a politician that you hope for from the faculty is joining the big political parties.

It is essential to see which ideology, which party “folds” better on what you feel and what you believe, what you think, now and in the future, what you have thought in the past. When you already have some ideas about the ideology you believe in, it is good to put on paper what you know about it.  List what you know about yourself, and then try to see how many similarities you have in common. When you have a lot in common, similarities between them then you know you can join that political party.

Politics IQ Exam For The New Cabinet

What do you do when the administration has failed at every level and is forced to resign? You glance forward, to the next cabinet. When putting together a government, you want the most knowledgeable people as ministers. First, it is critical to identify the most intelligent ministers. Taking an intelligence test, such as a free iq tests with instant results, is a thorough approach to find out. Ministers are expected to not just understand difficult issues, but also to remember them.

Origins of IQ tests

IQ tests were widely used during the First World War. The Americans did this so that they might predict retardation in their new recruits. For example, it is now unlawful to hire someone with an IQ of less than 83. Approximately a third of the population has an IQ of less than 83. It was determined that this group of persons was detrimental to all military work. Fortunately, contemporary society places very different demands on its employees than the American army did at the time. Nonetheless, we cannot deny that present technical and hence economic changes are responsible for variations in intellect levels. This will almost certainly result in bigger wealth inequality.

The new pillarization?

The fundamental advantage of an IQ test is that it is a short, well-organized, and reliable technique of determining an individual’s cognitive abilities. The premiership requires an IQ of 130, according to Jan te Nijenhuis, a psychologist and university instructor. According to Te Nijenhuis, our Prime Minister fits this condition. The next question is whether the other cabinet members must likewise comply with this. From a purely pragmatic standpoint, this is unquestionably a viable approach. But the issue is, do you want it? Isn’t this creating a societal stratification based on intellectual quotient? In some ways, this is already the case, because a person’s amount of schooling is a decent predictor of intelligence. According to CBS Chief Economist Peter Hein van Mulligen

Predictor of success?

An IQ test appears to be a suitable selection criterion for both politics and corporations. It is also not against the law. However, scores should be kept secret. Having a high IQ score is rather inexpensive. When the score is low, it is looked down upon. Because it’s nothing more than a genetic lottery. Unfortunately, no method of increasing your IQ has yet been discovered. According to clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, intelligence is by far the strongest predictor of wealth 27 percent. By far the most accurate indicator of economic success.


The use of IQ testing in the selection process of a firm, political party, or other entity should undoubtedly be examined. However, honesty is far more crucial. Furthermore, one must recognize that someone with a high IQ does not necessarily have to be morally superior. Intellectuals are typically better equipped to make sound judgments, especially when confronted with difficult issues.


Increasing Your Odds of making Your Prospective Partner say Yes!

Finding and collaborating with the right partner might just be the key to unlocking results that you did not imagine you can achieve on your own. Perhaps, you are running a business that sells hormone or maybe, you are running a position in your local town, working with the right partner is extremely important.

How You can find that Person?

The thing is, it can present a real challenge not just to find but also, to convince a person to collaborate with you. This is true, particularly if you do not know them that much or if you are so nervous asking for help. So in relation to this matter, what does it really take to persuade a doubtful potential partner to collaborate with you?

If they are someone who owes you a favor or a friend, then you may just have a chance of leveraging your relationship to convince them to joining you. Needless to say, this does not indicate that you must pressure them in an offer they cannot refuse. Although, social norms and personal connection around reciprocity only mean that so long as you are clear and direct for asking their help, they’re more likely to be open in working with you.

What if You’re not a Good People Person?

Say for example that you do not have a pre-existing, strong connection with them, then you might depend on a rational demonstration that your partnership will become mutually beneficial for each party. Meaning to say, you have to carefully consider their point of view and highlight what exactly you are offering them.

To give you an example, if you are shooting to convince a celebrity to become a guest and talk to the academic class you’re teaching, you may not have the money to pay for their professional fee, but their engagement can give them a chance to be seen more seriously by the public, then you might want to take advantage of that element.

As a matter of fact, this is pretty common in the world of politics. Many of them are extremely good in establishing connections and persuading people and future partners to work with them to have a better and stronger party.

Why Lawyers are the Perfect Candidate to become a Politician?

Just like any other legal profession, politics is another option that aspirants can take. Perhaps, you might have been an exceptional corporate lawyer for various businesses like hotel Allgäu, you can bring all your experiences and knowledge to the political world and make a change for your community. So, if you want to step up your career a notch, then it may be a good idea to take on politics.

The Perks of being a Politician

Well first things first, as soon as you become a politician, you will start noticing that your network is gradually growing. You’ll be given a lot of offers and seems that every person wants to befriend with you.

Lawyers are most suitable for being a law maker. They are the one who have full grasp of the law and on how to properly implement it. Aside from that, they know as well the possible implications it may entail. Furthermore, they are knowledgeable enough in defending their position and not averse to working with other side if suits their interest. Not only that, it is fine with them to be part of oft denigrated profession.

Preparing Lawyers in the Future

By working as a lawyer, it is giving future politicians the opportunity to establish all the important connections. This is regardless if it is with other lawyers, judges, corporate leaders or at times, even mobsters. Lawyers have a huge network to turn into when the time comes.

Lastly, lawyers are not afraid to be put on the spotlight. Whether it is debating with an opposing candidate or argue with a jury. A lot of attorneys are well aware of how they should perform in front of other people. Plus, it is part of their training and education. This enables them to position themselves regardless of the topic at hand. Furthermore, just by running for office could be great advertising as it helps the lawyer to build their brand and name.

The Compromise

Of course, it isn’t always the nice things. Lawyers need to be able to navigate around dirty political campaigns and strategies, low pay and great responsibilities. But for any experienced lawyers, they know that this is part of their job and welcomes any challenges that may come.

How Soccer Becomes Political

Soccer Game


Mesut Özil is slowly disappearing from China. A web forum dedicated to him has closed. From the version of professional Evolution Soccer, a kind of soccer game you can watch via 해외축구중계 (overseas soccer broadcasting), that’s available within the country, he has been scrubbed. Arsenal’s last Premier League game, reception to Manchester City, wasn’t broadcast on Chinese television. It’s not clear, yet, how long the blackout will last.

His offense was simple: he spoke. criticizing the Chinese government’s mass detention of Uighurs, a largely Turkic Muslim minority in Xinjiang province, within China’s northwest, Özil released simultaneous statements on his Twitter and Instagram feeds last week. He called on Muslims across the globe to talk out against the policy. “Muslims are silent,” he wrote. “Don’t they know that consent for persecution is persecution itself?”

China reacted furiously — organically, yet as officially. it had been easy to assume the people, during this context, meant the state When the Chinese Football Association responded that Özil had “hurt the feelings” of the Chinese people. Not so: there gave the impression to be genuine outrage among fans at Özil’s comments.

Arsenal’s immediate response wasn’t to support its player but to do to douse the flames. It distanced itself from Özil’s comments. All views expressed were his own and not those of his employers and everyone that. The club, a press release read, was studiously apolitical.

A few days later, asked an issue about human rights in Qatar was Jürgen Klopp, the Liverpool coach. He’s there, together with his team, for FIFA’s Club tourney. As the champion of Europe against the champion of South America, Liverpool faces Brazil’s Flamengo in Doha on Saturday.

Klopp must have known the question was coming. To parry it away, He was, certainly, forewarned enough. “This could be a real serious thing to speak about,” he said. “From those who know more about it, the answers should come. I’ve got to be influential in football but not in politics. Anything I say wouldn’t help; it might just create another headline, positive or negative.”

Klopp, for what it’s worth — and to his credit — has never been shy in expressing other political affairs. We all know that he’s left-leaning. We all know that he believes within the state. We all know that he’s fervently anti-Brexit. Still, Özil’s experience might indicate why Klopp, on this occasion, decided to remain out of things. it’s without question the trail of elbow grease.

Unfortunately, that’s not really enough. The last 20 years might, in time, come to be thought of as elite soccer’s colonial period. It’s taken it upon itself to expand — rapidly, relentlessly, and aggressively — into every trade can find (often subduing the local soccer culture within the process). FIFA has handed the globe Cup to Qatar. UEFA has awarded showpiece finals to Azerbaijan.

Europe’s clubs and leagues have adopted cancer’s attitude to growth to borrow a line from the novelist Jasper Fforde. With all the determination and moral authority of the scramble for Africa, They plant their flags in any territory they think can make their money.


ALSO READ: How Political Text Messaging Became a Thing in Elections


not just to oligarchs and vulture capitalists, The Premier League has allowed its teams to be sold to nation-states. It’s “ownership neutral” after all.

All of them take huge pride in the cultural phenomenon of which they’re part. Soccer is usually used as a tool of sentimental power, but it’s a kind of soft power, too. The Premier League, again, delights within the indisputable fact that it ranks alongside the BBC and also the royal house — well, maybe not Prince Andrew — collectively of Britain’s great exports.

All of that, though, comes at a value. It’s out of the question to reap all of the rewards without acquiring a number of the chance. Soccer’s thirst for growth, for brand spanking new worlds to beat and markets to take advantage of, has forced it into countless grubby compromises. Built by slave labor, It plays games in stadiums. It is an advertising vehicle for launderers of cartel money. It kowtows to despots. Saying it’s only a sport, It shields its eyes from human rights abuses. It says it’s apolitical.

At a specific point, though, declaring yourself apolitical is, in itself, a political act. To tacitly accept its existence is To willfully ignore something. European soccer is willing to work out the advantages of its power — the wealth that flows from it — but it’s, thus far, refused to just accept any of the responsibility.

That is to not say it’s a simple issue. Jointly club official said, where does one draw the line? does one refuse to tour the US because at the border, migrants are being detained and young black men shot by police? until the Conservative party’s ideological austerity is at an end, Should we suspend the Premier League? Should Brazil be excluded from the planet Cup as long as Jair Bolsonaro is president?

It is hard to draw the road. Being a representative of the West, it’s in no position to lecture anyone, It might, in a way, even be admirable for European soccer to feel. But that doesn’t mean it should be allowed to retreat into silence. It doesn’t have the proper to be ethically neutral, too. Özil is right: silence on persecution may be a kind of persecution. It’s soccer’s duty, at times, to speak.


Good Reasons for Taking Political Science Program

There are lots of students who are opting to study political science to pursue a political career and work for the national government, state or city. On the other hand, some who have finished such programs can also get jobs from governmental or non-governmental organizations, work with their community or attend a law school. Nevertheless, students who are taking political science are given with plenty of career opportunities.

Government Jobs

Roughly 17% of all jobs in the US are local, state or federal government positions. These positions are varying from:

  • Staffers
  • Elected representatives
  • City council representatives
  • Communications directors
  • City planners
  • Federal agency employees

Majority of the government jobs come with a decent salary package as well as great benefits from retirement plans, health care and so forth.

Community Advocacy and Political Entrepreneurs

A lot of graduates are working in political landscape outside the government. A few examples include working for groups who advocate for immigrant rights, greater individual liberties or stronger environmental protections. There are literally millions of political advocacy and community groups across the US job seekers can be in.

NGOs and International Organizations

The great thing about political science is the fact that it provides outstanding preparation for work in US Foreign Service, State Departments and several other agencies.

In addition to that, students are groomed for future employment that are based worldwide from areas like economic development, public health, security and political development.

Business Careers

Not everyone who likes to get into business is required to have a business degree. Truth is, there are numerous benefits for those who are thinking to work in business by studying political science. The program is arming students with a thorough understanding of political laws and institutions that are governing all functions of a business.

So for example, offer a range of quality gaming chairs, they can advise them of what they are doing correct, legally and what could they have been violating if there are. Same goes with other businesses that they are working with. This is something that should not be taken for granted because businesses function correctly so they can contribute to the continuous growth of the economy.

Housing Policies

There are numerous types of housing in Canada. More than half of all homes in Canada are detached single-family dwellings, with single-family dwellings accounting for 17% of all homes. 18% of all buildings are townhouses, duplexes, semi-detached, or mobile homes. After you buy a house you can visit this link to buy furniture for your house.


Housing and housing policy

The need for a safe place to live is a fundamental human need. The “supply” of the housing market is made up of three factors: the amount, kind, and cost of homes. Household size, income, and housing demands are all factors that go into determining “demand”. In general, Canadians who can afford to buy a property do so both to protect their right to remain in the area and to invest. Canada as a whole is home to 70% of the population, with the remaining 30% renting. There are 100 people that are residing in their place of business. There are numerous types of housing in Canada. More than half of all homes in Canada are detached single-family dwellings, with single-family dwellings accounting for 17% of all homes. 18% of all buildings are townhouses, duplexes, semi-detached, or mobile homes. One hundred percent are low-rise apartment buildings, and ten percent are such buildings. One hundred of the structures are residential towers. The vast majority of Canadian houses were constructed following World War II. So Canadian homes reflect their recent construction in terms of quality, and only about 6 percent of them need extensive repairs.

Government programs to increase the supply of housing and make it more affordable

Governments have gotten involved in the housing market for a variety of reasons, including stimulating the economy and providing assistance to those in need. If a home is in good physical condition, has enough bedrooms, and costs less than 30% of a family’s gross income, it is considered suitable. Those who live in inadequate housing or spend more than 30% of their income on it. The “core need” portion of their income accounts for 80% of their total revenue. In order to better understand the requirements of those requesting assistance, the CANADIAN MORTGAGE AND HOUSING CORPORATION has established the notion of “core need.” About 14% of Canadian homes are in desperate need. The vast majority of people in this situation are renters. Only a handful of people are stuck in this condition for the rest of their lives. Others face short-term challenges when they move or when their family circumstances change owing to the birth of a child, the loss of a spouse, or a divorce. Urban areas have the most pressing demands because renters there typically spend more than half their income on housing. It is the goal of housing policies and initiatives to provide more people with better-quality homes at lower costs. The goal of Canadian policy is to make adequate housing available to all Canadians at a reasonable price. The government has offered grants and loans to developers and customers over the years. A wide range of government agencies participates in housing projects, despite the fact that they are under provincial constitutional power. Provincial governments can then outsource their responsibilities in this area to regional and local governments.

Quality of housing and sustainable cities

Housing quality and community standards are supported at all levels of government. The National Building Code and the National Fire Code encourage the use of consistent building and safety standards across Canada. Local governments are often in charge of enforcing housing sanitary standards and land use planning related to where and what kind of housing should be built where (see URBAN AND REGIONAL PLANNING, ZONING ). Municipalities are also tasked with the planning and delivery of public services like water supply, sewage, roads, parks, and schools. Regional districts or provincial governments manage land use and provide services in rural or unincorporated areas. Government programs have aided municipalities in raising the standard of living and providing better public services. The federal government financed land development activities in the 1950s. Cities in the 1960s got money for urban renovation and municipal infrastructure. During the 1970s, the federal government redirected monies to support housing restoration, neighborhood enhancement, and house insulation programs. The Neighborhood Improvement Program will be used by the majority of municipalities to rehabilitate and preserve older areas. Following the withdrawal of federal funding for new supportive housing, the federal government continues to actively support the mortgage market (both for homeowners and investors) and research. Communities, home builders, housing departments, and developers benefit from partnerships like the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Affordability and Choice Today (ACT) program which is supported by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, the Canadian Housing, and Renewal Association (CHRA), and CMHC by providing grants. In the housing industry, these grants are published and made available to the public.