Effects of Political Relationships on Health

Effects of Political Relationships on Health

In general, it can be said that politics is a variety of activities in a political system (or state) that involves the process of determining the goals of the system and carrying out those goals. Decision making about what is the goal of the political system involves the selection of alternatives and the prioritization of the chosen objectives.

Health Policies

Meanwhile, in order to carry out these objectives, it is necessary to determine public policies regarding the regulation and distribution or allocation of existing resources. To be able to play an active role in implementing these policies, it is necessary to have power and authority that will be used both to foster cooperation and to resolve conflicts that may arise in the process. The methods used can be persuasive and if necessary coercion. Without coercion, the policy is only a mere statement of intent.

In some aspects of life, humans often carry out political actions, both political trade, culture, social, and other aspects of life. Thus politics always involves the goals of the whole society (public goals) and not one’s personal goals (private goals). Politics concerns the activities of various groups, including political parties and individual activities.

Health Politics

Health Politics is the Science and art to fight for the degree of public health in an area through a state system adopted in an area or country to create a healthy society and environment as a whole. To achieve this goal requires power. With the power they have, it will give birth to pro-people policies to guarantee the degree of public health itself.

Because health is a right of the people and the state does not want its people to be ill, political decisions are also taken that are healthy. That is, the budget for public health gets a very large portion because the state does not want people to be sickly. The government together with the DPR, burdensome imports of medical devices with the same tax for imports of luxury cars, as well as political decisions.

Guidelines for Health Workers

Therefore, to create excellent public health, various regulations are needed as guidelines for health workers and the wider community, so that a healthy atmosphere and environment is always created. In addition, the government must create a program that can be a stimulus for community members to create a healthy environment and society, both physical, spiritual, spiritual, social and enable people to live productively and economically.

Health policy which is also related to improving the welfare of the population is by increasing health personnel both involved in preventive promotive efforts and in rehabilitative curative measures such as those from chiropractor Dothan. The purpose of this policy is that health services are not only enjoyed by certain groups but can also be enjoyed by all levels of society who need these services.