Powerful Politicians Secret Weapon: Their Footwear

Powerful Politicians Secret Weapon: Their Footwear

The success of a politician depends on some few things. These may include but not limited to the following: good ideas for the people and the community, a strong voter base, and a good posture and an average height. However, in any competition in which egos and opinions always collide, just like in politics, a good height is something that give an advantage.

Knowing this, it is expected that lots of politicians have this want to wear boots, even the rubber boots type, or other footwear with slight heels to appear a little bit taller. More than that, there is some reasons for wanting to look taller. Based on studies and evidence from the past reveal that men who appear to be taller often acquire social success. This is because of taller men’s positive perception and it is something that identifies how cleanliness determine one’s political stand.

Human height relates positively to social sovereignty.

Politicians Who Get Their Charm on Their Shoes

Below are some evidences that politicians look powerful because of their footwear.

Senator Marco Rubio

A politician from Florida, Senator Rubio was wearing a heeled-shoe. The height of the Senator officially stated in the document is said to be 5’10”. However, there were rumors that he’s only 5’8” tall. Due to this, it is not surprising that the Senator was caught wearing some indecently heeled boots during his presidential race. But, he was fiercely taunted for his shoe choice.

President Vladimir Putin

Like Senator Marco Rubio, President Vladimir Putin of Russia also plugging away the concept of heeled-shoe. It is really hard to determine the actual height of a man. Actually, politician’s statement regarding their height is usually indifferent with the real one.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

One courtesy visit of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to President Trump at the White House was full of speculations. This was due to PM Trudeau’s shoe that had lift when he visited the White House. Trudeau’s height is 6’2” but during that time, he appeared to be as tall as President Trump who said to be 6’3” tall.

Texas Politicians

For just a long time, people presumed that Texas politicians are wearing cowboy boots to have a folksy charm appearance.