Government Must Not Continue to Clean Alone

Government Must Not Continue to Clean Alone

Don’t let the government do things that companies can do better, unless there are good reasons. To explain Building, Columns, Architecture, History, Historicthat, you must periodically review those reasons there are. If they no longer exist, then you must also evaluate from the past and even be able to review them.

That is the message from the branch organization of cleaning companies to the House of Representatives. The Organization of Cleaning and Business Services OSB believes that it is time for an investigation into the question of the central government itself should remain clear. OSB seizes two debates in the Lower House to draw attention to this point.

More than four years ago, it was decided that from now on the central government would do the cleaning by Fensterputzer aachen through a National Cleaning Organization (RSO). With this decision, politicians wanted to achieve a better position for the cleaners, with more permanent jobs. Unrest and strikes had put the cleaning sector in a negative light.

Much has changed in recent years. In constructive consultations, trade unions and employers have greatly improved the position of employees. There are many jobs at the cleaning companies. In 91% of the jobs at OSB members, this is a permanent employment relationship. Three-quarters of the jobs require an open-ended contract. Furthermore, the lowest mentioned in the cleaning are one quarter above the statutory minimum wage. Companies that are members of OSB must comply with a strict quality mark that tests their behavior.

There is therefore every reason, OSB believes, to evaluate the announced decision. Are the arguments from then still valid? The organization calls on the standing parliamentary committees BZK and SZW to evaluate the RSO and makes specific proposals for this.

The cleaning sector pursues an active policy to improve the position of employees at the base of the labor market. In this way people who are at a distance from the labor market are helped to work. Taking courses and a Dutch language course is one of the examples. The question is that having your own cleaning organization as a government is the best solution at this time.