How Cleanliness Determine One’s Political Stand

How Cleanliness Determine One’s Political Stand

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How Being Neat and Messy Says About Political Leanings

Sometimes, genes determine whether you will stand with the liberal or the conservative, democrat or republican.

There are studies that shows that a person’s political affiliation can be determined by just looking at the condition of their offices and bedrooms if it’s neat and tidy. It is believed that if your bedroom is messy then you are a left and if it’s neat then welcome to the right. It is as simple as that. The sad thing is that a lot of people already know this, hence it is already quite hard to distinguish the real from fake.

According to The Journal of Political Psychology,  the bedroom of those who are open or belong to the liberal party, tend to be more colorful and awash in books about travel, ethnicity, feminism, and music, together with music CDs covering folk, classic and modern rock, as well as art supplies, movie tickets and travel memorabilia. In some cases, when people find out that someone’s visiting them, they will hire house cleaning in San Diego because they know that they will might be judged.

On the other hand, there is also what we call the conservatives, on the other hand, tend to surround themselves with calendars, postage stamps, laundry baskets, irons and sewing materials in their personal spaces, according to the study. Their bedrooms and offices are well-lighted and decorated with sports paraphernalia and flags—especially American ones.

The cues that we can get from people’s room are “behavioral residue,” according to one associate from the University of Texas at Austin. The rationale behind the idea is that the distinct cognitive inclinations of liberals toward ambiguity and intellectualism, and conservatives toward order, “drive the way one lead one’s life and displays one life in their living and work spaces”

The bottomline is that our actions or behavior and how we organize things can be used to determine one’s personality and at the same time his/her view towards something. Indeed there is a caveat wherein genetics exerted an influence on their value system, heritability had far less to do with how the twins affiliated with a political party.