Trump’s Kraken Lawyers Face Sanctions for Unethical Behavior

Trump’s Kraken Lawyers Face Sanctions for Unethical Behavior

Lawyers who filed lawsuits based on ex-president Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of election fraud, are now facing professional and financial sanctions. They stand to lose their license to practice law after disregarding the core ethical precepts that attorneys are sworn to follow.

Similar to Rudy Giuliani’s case, who used to enjoy fame as “America’s Mayor,” the District of Columbia and New York, suspended his license for filing lawsuits based on Trump’s false claims.

Summary of U.S. District Court’s Ruling

U.S District Court Judge Lina Parker handed down a comprehensive ruling through a 110-page opinion against Sidney Powell and her ‘Kraken’ attorneys. Judge Parker’s ruling will probably end up as a required reading material for future ethics classes at law schools, as it addressed the difference between “cable-news lawyering” and actual law practice.

Judge Parker’s ruling described how Powell’s team utilized affidavits infested with baseless accusations and speculations that contradicted existing public evidence. Notwithstanding that in forwarding the unsubstantiated claims, they are working toward nullifying the votes from Michigan. The District Court judge also wrote that the case was not actually founded on fraud as it was merely debasing the judicial process in order to undermine the citizens’ faith in democracy.

Although these lawyers could get away in uttering hyperbole and extreme exaggeration when posturing in social media sites and cable news that they have concrete proof of fraud, Judge Parker opines that their posts and tweets can be taken against them during sanction hearings.