Why Is It Okay To Use The COVID-19 Pandemic For A Political Debate?

There is still no end in sight seen in the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to affect several nations in every continent. Back in January, no one had a glimpse of what would happen in just a blink after the novel coronavirus that originated from Wuhan, China managed to spread in every corner of the world. As of writing, more than half a million people succumbed to this deadly pneumonia-like disease, and the number of people who contacted the disease already surpassed 16 million.

The COVID-19 pandemic is more than just a public health concern, as evidenced by the severely weakened economy. Many industries were forced to go into minimal operation, or worse, shut down indefinitely, due to the risk of making the workers an easy target for the virus. In this case, the government is expected to intervene and do everything in its capacity to help the people. Unfortunately, the public has seen many of the government’s shortcomings in handling the pandemic crisis.

Public officials, particularly in the United States, have expressed their concern that the COVID-19 pandemic is being weaponized by a few people for a politicking tactic. They claim that no one wanted to have a full-blown pandemic threatening the lives (and livelihood) of people. In this case, is it really wrong to use the pandemic for political conversation?

COVID-19 Exposes The Weak Points Of The Government, Which Must Be Discussed Now More Than Ever

The Trump administration downplayed the critiques towards the US government’s pandemic response, saying that the timing of these critiques is just so convenient with the 2020 presidential elections coming up. However, the public’s feelings and opinion toward the pandemic response is very much valid. While this can be viewed by some people as mere points for a political conversation, these things must be discussed in the open because everyone’s lives are at stake here. This is more than just commenting on a political party or figurehead. It is our right to call for better treatment of this crisis.

In the first place, these politicians made their promise back in the last election season that they would do everything in their power to help the people. As the COVID-19 pandemic exposes all the shortcomings of the government, this is the time for them to fulfill their promise. It may also be the right time to learn about the amp smm services that you can avail.