Is Google AdWords Beneficial in Political Campaigns

Is Google AdWords Beneficial in Political Campaigns

During political campaign, candidate think of strategies that will highlight their campaign and will make it stand out against their other competitors.  There are lots of marketing options right now so it is important to maximize their advantages and to make sure that their campaign will reach a wide market. However, this may be a disadvantage as well since many people are creative and strategic enough to come up with a unique marketing campaign with the vast marketing tools available. Hence,  a great marketing strategy is very crucial in this competitive digital world.

Individuals, companies, and businesses’ success lies in their marketing strategies. Many years ago, advertising comes in the form of news paper, television, radio, and other printed materials. With this, the market and reach of the campaign is limited. On the other hand, marketing strategies today makes use of online marketing and advertisement because we are currently living in a digital world wherein most of us are using the internet and our smart phones. Given this, online advertising is the perfect marketing strategy to reach a wider market and audience.

Google, the most popular and powerful search engine is where most companies wish to gain clients through pay per click (PPC) wherein you will only get paid based on the number of clicks on your website. Moreover, google came up with Automation stack for Google Adwords , which automatically deals with bugs, issues, and other website updates. Also, AdWords will help a certain website increase the number of clicks.

Not only companies and business benefit a lot from this, but also individuals. During elections, each candidate think of creative marketing and they even use AdWords for their websites. However, there are various issues incorporated with the use o AcWords in political campaigns.

1.Shutdown of policies – automatically updating the the campaign with adwords may lead to policies shut down.

2. Limited service of customer service – if an issue arises, you have to call your advertising representative but then he/she must reach out to the customer service and their CS is not practical since the process is tedious.

3. Automation is not good all the time – since this may lead to automatic shut down, a 3 or 4 day review is toxic.