Politics IQ Exam For The New Cabinet

Politics IQ Exam For The New Cabinet

What do you do when the administration has failed at every level and is forced to resign? You glance forward, to the next cabinet. When putting together a government, you want the most knowledgeable people as ministers. First, it is critical to identify the most intelligent ministers. Taking an intelligence test, such as a free iq tests with instant results, is a thorough approach to find out. Ministers are expected to not just understand difficult issues, but also to remember them.

Origins of IQ tests

IQ tests were widely used during the First World War. The Americans did this so that they might predict retardation in their new recruits. For example, it is now unlawful to hire someone with an IQ of less than 83. Approximately a third of the population has an IQ of less than 83. It was determined that this group of persons was detrimental to all military work. Fortunately, contemporary society places very different demands on its employees than the American army did at the time. Nonetheless, we cannot deny that present technical and hence economic changes are responsible for variations in intellect levels. This will almost certainly result in bigger wealth inequality.

The new pillarization?

The fundamental advantage of an IQ test is that it is a short, well-organized, and reliable technique of determining an individual’s cognitive abilities. The premiership requires an IQ of 130, according to Jan te Nijenhuis, a psychologist and university instructor. According to Te Nijenhuis, our Prime Minister fits this condition. The next question is whether the other cabinet members must likewise comply with this. From a purely pragmatic standpoint, this is unquestionably a viable approach. But the issue is, do you want it? Isn’t this creating a societal stratification based on intellectual quotient? In some ways, this is already the case, because a person’s amount of schooling is a decent predictor of intelligence. According to CBS Chief Economist Peter Hein van Mulligen

Predictor of success?

An IQ test appears to be a suitable selection criterion for both politics and corporations. It is also not against the law. However, scores should be kept secret. Having a high IQ score is rather inexpensive. When the score is low, it is looked down upon. Because it’s nothing more than a genetic lottery. Unfortunately, no method of increasing your IQ has yet been discovered. According to clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, intelligence is by far the strongest predictor of wealth 27 percent. By far the most accurate indicator of economic success.


The use of IQ testing in the selection process of a firm, political party, or other entity should undoubtedly be examined. However, honesty is far more crucial. Furthermore, one must recognize that someone with a high IQ does not necessarily have to be morally superior. Intellectuals are typically better equipped to make sound judgments, especially when confronted with difficult issues.