How Antisemitism Came About and Why It Carries On Up to the Present

How Antisemitism Came About and Why It Carries On Up to the Present

Antisemitism continues to charge the global political and social climates after Israel responded with indiscriminate and intensified responses to the Hamas attacks in Gaza Strip last October 07. As Hamas terrorists had killed 1,400 civilians and taken 240 hostages who were mostly Israelis, the subsequent incidents of indiscriminate and intense violence directed at Palestinian communities led to heightened feelings of fear among the Jewish people.

The resulting carnages taking place in Palestinian communities have been draining public sympathy for the Israeli nation. Such conditions will only increase the dangers they face amidst the growing support for antisemitism.

What Exactly is Antisemitism?

IsraelAntisemitism is a feeling of hostility and hatred that stems from prejudicial sentiments or discrimination against the Jewish race. A person who harbors this kind of deep hatred for Jews is called an antisemite.

The strong sentiment against the Jewish people existed thousands of years ago and as far back as the biblical days. Antisemitism is actually a 19th century term as the sentiment was originally described as Judeophobia or fear of Jews,

The fears were sowed by ancient Christians who were then being persecuted. The early Christians claimed that the Jews in power practiced rituals that involved the murder of Christian children

Yet throughout the centuries after the tables were turned and the Jewish race was no longer predominant, the feeling of fear had developed into sentiments of hatred. During the 19th century the sentiments were fueled by political blocs who had their own political agenda in wanting to revive the conflict.