Difference Between Single Cylinder and Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Difference Between Single Cylinder and Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Doors have a significant impact on both the interior and exterior appearance of your home or buildings. Style and security go hand in hand, whether a canary yellow craftsman door or a bright white French patio door. Learn about single-cylinder versus double-cylinder deadbolts and which is best for your home. Get help from Slotenmaker Rotterdam Noord if you have problems with door locks. The critical distinction between them is their locking mechanism.

Deadbolts with a Single Cylinder

Single-cylinder deadbolts are locks with a key slot on one side and a thumb-turn mechanism on the other to unlock or lock it. The key slot is usually outside your house, while the thumb-turn is on the inside.

Advantages of Single-Cylinder Deadbolts

What are some advantages of a single-cylinder lock over a double-cylinder lock and vice versa? Let’s look at where each one excels and where it may fall short, depending on your requirements.


One of the reasons this type of deadbolt is more popular is that it is less expensive. Single-cylinder deadbolt locks range in price. Price is an important consideration when you need multiple locks around your house.


It is convenient only to turn your deadbolt when locking or unlocking your door. The same is true if you must leave your home in an emergency. It’s simpler and safer to open your door and flee to safety.

The Drawbacks of Single-Cylinder Deadbolts

While most locks will do the job, weighing your options is always a good idea. While there is only one disadvantage to single-cylinder deadbolts, it is a matter of personal preference.

Less Safe Than Dual Cylinders

Single-cylinder deadbolts provide adequate security but are less secure than double-cylinder deadbolts.

Advantages of Double Cylinder Deadbolts

Double cylinders can help you increase the security of your home or keep curious children from wandering outside alone.

Excellent Security

You need a key to enter and leave, which significantly improves home security.

Inside Your Home Is Safe for Occupants

Double-cylinder locks can also keep your loved ones safe from the inside. If you have children with cognitive impairments, these locks can ensure they only go outside if they are noticed.

The Drawbacks of Double Cylinder Deadbolts

You may be tempted to install double-cylinder deadbolts in your home, but there are some drawbacks.

Not for General Use

These locking mechanisms should not be used on all doors in your home. You may have better options if you need the same deadbolt style throughout your home.

Single Cylinder vs. Double Cylinder Deadbolts

Single-cylinder and double-cylinder deadbolts can improve your home’s security and provide peace of mind. They are not, however, one-size-fits-all; each is better suited for specific scenarios. Single Cylinder Deadbolt is the best option for the entire house.

If you need to replace all of the locks in your home, single-cylinder deadbolts are an excellent choice. They’re more practical for general use in bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets where locks on both sides of the door aren’t necessary.