Legally Bribing Politicians to Make Things in Your Favor?

Legally Bribing Politicians to Make Things in Your Favor?

Technically, verbally speaking a promise for future job, speaking engagement or whatnot is illegal. But, the unspoken understanding that we know who are our friends and the notion that “if you work with us, we’ll ensure that you’re taken care of” happens every single day. So long as you didn’t say it, you can’t be charged with a violation or offense. Well, the idea seems to be pretty easy right?

It’s the Survival of the Fittest

Today, politicians don’t just vote but it’s funny that the highest bidder wants them to. More often than not, it is about lobbyist finding officials who likely agree with them to begin with (union representatives are going to Democrats, corporate lobbyists are heading to Republicans) and trying to influence their votes and agenda. It makes sense that having good and professional relationship guarantees that the politician’s best interests are safeguarded.

No! Politics isn’t as simple as That

It’s not as simple as giving gift baskets Toronto that it’d be considered as bribe. Still, politicians have to answer to their respective party and constituents for the vote they’ll give. But those who have the resources tend to have the politician’s ear.

But things are more complicated than that.

“There are 10 different ways of bribing crooked politicians and hundred ways to bribe honest ones.” – Anonymous

If a group is heavily funded, then they can make promises to support things that the politician cares most. They may raise money for campaigns or even campaigns for his/her colleagues. They may send people to knock doors, put up campaign posters and also make phone calls to get him/her reelected. These groups can make promises as well to invest money in the district under his/her jurisdiction or make donations on significant foundations. If you could trade a vote on issues you do not care about and get funds for something you care most, would not it be an easy decision to make?

Well point of the matter is, the relationship between politics and money is more complicated than making simple bribery. Even honest politicians have to turn their back on their principles. Simply put, those who influence money have the power to influence the flow of politics.