How Laws are made?

How Laws are made?

To grasp the concept of law, we initially have to understand our communities. Laws are teaching us the proper way to behave while informing us at the same time the rules to be followed. Fortunately, getting a hold of the concept of law is easier than what you thought. You can just look at few صور اطفال (kids pictures) and get the basics of it. If you want to really enlighten yourself however, then better read on.

Try to imagine that you as well as the rest of the family is playing a game. First, you have to tell everyone the rules and someone will read these rules for everyone’s sake. Then that’s the only time where you can understand how to play the game. Now, rules are similar to laws. It tells us proper way to act and how to ensure that everyone’s treated fairly and equally.

Each and every single country created and implemented its own law. Meaning to say, every law is unique to the specific country it is made. Let me give you a couple of basic examples.

Scenario 1: In the US, the law states that drivers should drive on right side of the road.

Scenario 2: In England, the law states that drivers should drive on left side of the road.

If you and your family are living in the US and travelled to England, then learning the law will keep you safe and avoid penalties or violations.

Who are the People behind the Creation of Laws?

In order for this learning adventure to work, we have to talk about how our laws are made on a national level. These are referred to as Federal laws. It’s because they’re made by the Federal Government.

As a matter of fact, the Congress makes the Federal laws. So every law that you know from highway speed limits, traffic violations etc. it came from here.

The job of the Congress is crucial in ensuring that their people are safe and secure at all times.

Congress is divided into two houses, the Senate and House of Representatives.

How it is Made?

The journey of law before it’s finally created begins in the Congress. Whenever someone either in Senate or House of Representatives is pushing to make a law, it is when they start composing a bill (draft of proposed law).

Bills should be voted on both houses. If they vote for it to be a law, then that’s the time when it’s forwarded to the US president and has the final decision whether to pass it or not. If it’s signed, then it becomes a law otherwise, it’s called “veto” and sent back to the Congress. But the Congress has a special power by overriding or bypassing the veto. This is if when 2/3 voted in both houses to pass it, then the bill will be passed as law.