Differentiating Law from Politics

Differentiating Law from Politics

Law degree holders are practicing their expertise in the field of politics. Meanwhile, political science majors are often seen landing on the law school.

Most often, politics and law are always interconnected with each other. However, they are two different areas in general. In this article, we will dig deeper and try to extricate these two areas. Moreover, we will also try to find out how they correspond with each other.

Definition of Terms

To be able to separate each term, we should know its meaning to differentiate them. Moreover, you can also try to consult at the Lawyer Herald to better understand this topic.

What is Politics?

Politics, from Oxford English Dictionary, is defined as the function of governing a specific area or country which includes the argument among bodies having authority. At the same time, the Macmillan International Higher Education suggested that politics is thrilling due to opposition from the public. They usually oppose their way of living and about the resolution for that issue. And, more than anything else, politics is a civil movement that is always a duet and could never be a monotone.

What is Law?

On the other hand, the Oxford English Dictionary defines law as the structure of policies that has been perceived by a certain locality or country as managing the movements of its constituents and that it may carry out by the deception of its punishments. To simplify it, Ben’s Guide dissects it and explains that understanding of how laws are made better the moment people learn their communities. The law is our guide to perform appropriately and relate to us the policies that we must all obey.

The Difference Between the Two

Moving forward to the governmental framework, the difference of policies and laws revolves around outlining the principles and setting up these principles to be followed. According to the Education & Training Unit for Democracy & Development, a policy is the outlining of the things that the government organization is planning to achieve as well as outlining the principles and ways that the government will be using to achieve them. However, the laws establish procedures, ethics, and principles that should be abided by the people. In short, politics establish a goal, whereas laws are the ways or methods to execute that goal.