Is Politics in Games a Debatable Matter?

Is Politics in Games a Debatable Matter?

Political issues in games are quite common, but should there be a debate on whether or not they should be incorporated as elements of action shooter games? Debates have resurfaced as the events that continue to unfold while the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, are reminiscent of similar scenarios used in some video games.

Annihilation and violence are often the core themes of action role-playing games (RPGs), yet Trump’s promotion of violence can actually have more impact; specifically his controversial tweet that read “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” Notwithstanding that the statement was uttered to stir a situation that is reminiscent of the sscenarios presented in the Ubisoft video game “The Division 2”.

About Ubisoft’s “The Division 2” Action RPG

While some readers may not be into gaming or have not played “The Division 2”, the provider of this guest post, DARETOBEDIGITAL, furnishes information why that particular game bears some similarities to the events that unfolded while the country is undergoing a global pandemic crisis. .

The Plot

“The Division 2” game revolves on a storyboard in which law and order had to be restored after a pandemic called “Green Poison” had allowed lawlessness to prevail globally. In the game, the White House occupants are members of the Joint Task Force of the U.S. government, which found it necessary to activate the Strategic Homeland Division (SHD), a contingent government unit comprising sleeper agents.

The SHD agents are supplemented with high tech weapons and advanced technology, including an AI called ISAC. As the protagonists in the game, the SHD agents have been given the authority to use resources as they see fit in order to fulfill their mission of restoring order and protecting civilians.


They are to annihilate three factions of antagonists, namely the “Hyenas,” the “Outcasts and the “True Sons.” Each faction held and controlled certain territories and held different reasons for seizing power.

The Antagonists

The “Hyenas” are mostly criminals and anarchists who are simply taking advantage of the post-pandemic situatiom, as a means to enrich themselves.

The “Outcasts” are survivors of the “Green Poison” pandemic who have banded together to seek revenge against those who had them imprisoned for speaking up, and those in the government who allowed the pandemic to spread.

The “True Sons” is a coalition of disgruntled members of the U.S. Armed Forces, joined by paramilitary troopers and JTF members who all agree that the only way to restore order is by brutally enforcing obedience without regard to public safety.

The Entertainment Value

The quintessential entertainment value of this action multiplayer RPG game is in being provided with non-stop actions that allow them to polish their skills, while advancing to higher, more difficult levels of the game. Moreover, “Division 2” rewards successful players with loots.

Apparently, game developers do not conceptualize these action RPG games as media for political awakening; even if it is possible that some looked to them as scenarios linked to broken politics and deep state conspiracies.

However, in the same way that not all forms of literature or musical compositions are expected to convey a social issue or call for change, incorporating political elements in a game should not be a debatable matter. By and large, individuals base their political views on their own understanding and real-life experiences, regardless of the type of video game they play.

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