Politicians: Who and What?

Politicians: Who and What?

Politicians are leaders. Before they decided to enter the world of politics to obtain a particular position, they are definitely aware of their future duties and responsibilities. They are bound to become busy and dedicate most of their time serving not just their own families but all the people within their scope.

These leaders are elected to create projects and implement these projects for the welfare of their people or constituents. The people trusted them so it is a must for politicians to be available all the time. Their availability shows their real intentions on acquiring the position in the government.

Let us say that one already obtained the wanted political position, what will be the next step? Of course to consider starting the promised projects or the platforms they had during the campaign and election up to the time they fortunately get the position. Why? Because people will always look for what a politician have promised. They will keep on asking for updates and even rant if they do not get any. A politician, if has genuine intentions, will be seen working hard to protect and take good care of the people.

Addressing the needs immediately, acknowledging concerns and turning it into a positive one, talking to ordinary people as a sign of humility, being present during the “lows” of people, are just some of the characteristics a politician should have.

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