Joe Biden After His Victory

Joe Biden After His Victory

The US doesn’t have to lead, but as a model for the world, the winner of the US election, Biden, used it as a presidential slogan. This is a challenge, as Trump’s predecessor has left him on construction sites around the world.

President-elect Joe Biden’s victory speech in full

We hope not to see another heat pressed printed t-shirts that read “I miss Obama” soon or cardstocks (check out cardstock printer reviews) with prints that criticize the new president. Now President Joe Biden is faced with too many issues that the previous administration has left. He will need all the help and support he can get.

Climate change must come first

On Joe Biden’s first day of presidency, he wants to bring America back to the Paris Agreement which had been officially abandoned recently. The focus of the Biden-Harris administration is the fight for the climate. At the moment, there are no clear details yet.

Corona Policy U-turn

It is a critical political signal, to rejoin the climate agreement. Biden said in his campaigns that he is not going to depend on just a single effort but on global cooperation. Likewise, in the fight against COVID-19, Biden hopes to get the Oval Office to be once again part of the World Health Organization as Trump has believed that the said organization is a Chinese tycoon that fell victim to the epidemic then followed resignation.

The battle against the coronavirus would be the very first primary test of Biden’s domestic policies. There’s no denying that the United States is among the most affected in the world recording almost 10 million positive cases and almost 240,000 fatalities. He added in his victory speech that COVID-19 should be controlled first so that the economy can be controlled and vitality regained.

Biden is looking forward to appointing a team of experts at the soonest possible time. He said that detailed plans must have been drawn up before the 20th of January which should including preparations for tests, contact tracing, and distribution of vaccines.

Problem: Lack of experts in government agencies

Biden faces a major problem. Most government agencies do have long-term experts in specific fields. Before the CDC, the center for disease control and prevention, the previous administration reduced the staff who were working to detect new viruses before the surge of the coronavirus in China. The National Security Council in charge to deal with pandemic emergencies had also been disbanded. In some departments, the situation is more severe when it comes to manpower.

The Vienna nuclear deal

Will Iran and the United States rejoin in the Vienna nuclear deal? Biden negotiated at one time but Iran threatened it following the end of the Trump administration. There were many constant errors and wrong decisions. This gave Biden with few options.

Iran asked Biden to resume the deal. However, Israel is still one of America’s most important allies in the region and I absolutely do not want it. Another test by a self-proclaimed bridge builder.

The China trade dispute

Many people are hoping that Biden can readjust what others believed the United States have done unfairly to China. Biden will not let go of special tariffs immediately. Time and new staff in the White House would be Biden’s best friend in order to ease the situation between the United States, the European Union, and NATO.