Protecting Aerial Animals

Protecting Aerial Animals

People who are into learning birds and the Aerial life are aware that countless birds are killed to be sold as food, but others do not realize the extent that some do in killing these animals to be on the market and our own dining tables.

Birds are actually a property of no one, not unless they are killed, and so thus killing them continuously in many parts of the world for shooters and bird trappers. Some time in Europe, wildlife like these Aerial animals became the property of royalties making them safe from other hunters. But later on, their ownership was signed to the state protecting them at all costs making the law concerned on their preservation and their welfare for their proper maintenance such as feeding them wild bird seed.

The Progress in Protecting Birds

Although that was done years ago, it is only now that the government got serious in protecting birds, making and letting people know that interstate transportation of birds killed is a great violation of state laws. Also, the taking of nests of birds became prohibited since it is also a grave way to kill and endanger these species, except for Scientific purposes ending the craft of oology or collecting of eggs. Penalties were also raised for breaking this law that involves imprisonment for six months and $500 of fine.

Against this, special permits have been issued to kill nongame species which may become pests in a neighborhood during migration. This provision was made applicable to blackbirds, cowbirds that have tendencies of becoming nuisances because of their flocks. Aside from that, no other type or species of birds can be killed because of hunting and anything that follows. Also, that state also set illegal terms to adopting of young birds without a permit. In the United States, any act of endangerment to these birds is to be reported to provincial units of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The Bird Protection Law