Towed Car – What Is Your Right?

Towed Car – What Is Your Right?

It is very difficult when your car gets towed, and it gets worse the moment it is impounded and retrieved it back. For this kind of situation, it is really important to guarantee that you have a knowledge on the things that you can do. In addition, you must also need to have the idea on those things that the government can do in this kind of situation just like knowing those tips for independent contractor.

In the Philippines, the Manila Metropolitan Development Authority or MMDA is the governing body that regulates vehicles including the towing process. They have the rights in getting your car anywhere within the Metro in case you breaks the rules and laws of the road. When you get caught in this kind of situation, below are your rights that you must need to know.

Car Owner’s Rights During the Towing Incident

There are two types of vehicles subjected to towing – the attended and the unattended vehicles. In each vehicle type, you as a car owner have different rights enclosed.

Car Owner’s Rights on Attended Vehicles

An attended vehicle is a type of vehicle in which the driver is present at the time the car gets towed.

During the towing, the car is classified as an attended vehicle when the driver is there. Moreover, the driver’s appearance prior to the clamping process to the tow truck also makes the car as an attended vehicle. In this vehicle category, the driver also has the willingness to pull out the vehicle that is illegally parked with no delay.

  1. You as a driver have the right to refuse in case the MMDA’s heavy duty towing truck is demanding for any payment.
  2. The right to seek for the towing truck proper identification, and say no to towing service the moment they are unable to give the appropriate ID’s and company’s information.
  3. You have the right to demand for a ticket to be issued by a traffic officer.

Car Owner’s Rights on Unattended Vehicles

In case the driver is not around during the towing process, the vehicle is considered as an unattended vehicle.

  1. As a driver, the right to experience a proper process of towing and impounding is given.
  2. Reporting of violations and complaints to MMDA’s social media page is included in the rights of the driver.