The Electoral Likability

The Electoral Likability

If you are to vote for someone to be in a position in the government, what would be your considerations, or would there be any reservation when it comes to choosing a candidate to be elected to serve the public?

When we talk about politicians, the image that we see and imagine is a professional one. It is very seldom to see a politician who is hippie, who has piercings, who considers tattoo, or anything that will put their names in a complicated issue. The cliche that a politician should be disciplined from head to toe, from physical to mental being, will not be gone.

It is quite a pressure on the part of a politician to always look good, proper, and professional all the time. However, it is somewhat a “must” if he or she is already decided to run and be a public servant. Putting the people’s opinion first matters and will definitely impact a candidate or a politician’s likability.

Looking seamless in every interview, or when stating a nation address affects the people’s or the constituents’attention. Well, not everyone relies on the physical appearance of a politician, but talking in general, your people will absolutely scrutinized your whole image pixel by pixel. People will always have something to say. So why not be determined to always look good while serving them. It will not hurt.

Public servants should take into account a good skin care routine including acne scar treatment. It does not have to be extravagant that they need to have a schedule with a dermatologist in a weekly basis. A simple cleansing and moisturizing will already do. As long as they have their means of taking care of their skins especially their faces, they need not to spend some for a clinic just to look good.