Poverty: An Existing Case of Countries

Poverty: An Existing Case of Countries

A survey has revealed that almost 80% of the people across countries have been born ultimately poor. People have then transgressively fought the need to beat the circumstance of being born poor, and so the whole world watches. Honestly, poverty is already a social construct that everyone has already accepted. Poverty has become a part of society rather than an existing problem to be cured and eradicated. This happened because no country is sufficient and willing enough to conduct a change in governance to empower and enrich the people instead of the government itself.

The Case of Poverty and the People

Poverty is now a lost cause seen in every aspect and is being fed but not treated; poverty in children not having proper medical assistance, poverty on families not receiving even just a simple calamity help, rather fed bags (https://th.borboletabag.com/collections/canvastotebags) of goods with politiciansā€™ names on it, and poverty on people not getting a job because they are too poor for it.

It is then very disheartening to see that men wanting to become better men is not enough, then continuing it with their families not being cared for better, their children not being educated better, and themselves not being entirely better. Employment becomes a case of who is rich enough to get employed rather than who is poor and needs this job to be employed. Employment becomes a risk and a game for credentials and referrals rather than skills and passion, and with that comes the economy blasting of people who work but don’t work hard enough.

An economy needs to expand its acceptance of the citizens, considering that an economy works for the betterment of these people, and not for those who are above it. Poverty is not a natural part of a society but a down path that others need help from. This help needs to be done by the economy especially for individuals who really works and wants to up themselves. It’s about time to make a good living condition a right for anyone and to ban poverty in the lives of everyone.