Good Reasons for Taking Political Science Program

Good Reasons for Taking Political Science Program

There are lots of students who are opting to study political science to pursue a political career and work for the national government, state or city. On the other hand, some who have finished such programs can also get jobs from governmental or non-governmental organizations, work with their community or attend a law school. Nevertheless, students who are taking political science are given with plenty of career opportunities.

Government Jobs

Roughly 17% of all jobs in the US are local, state or federal government positions. These positions are varying from:

  • Staffers
  • Elected representatives
  • City council representatives
  • Communications directors
  • City planners
  • Federal agency employees

Majority of the government jobs come with a decent salary package as well as great benefits from retirement plans, health care and so forth.

Community Advocacy and Political Entrepreneurs

A lot of graduates are working in political landscape outside the government. A few examples include working for groups who advocate for immigrant rights, greater individual liberties or stronger environmental protections. There are literally millions of political advocacy and community groups across the US job seekers can be in.

NGOs and International Organizations

The great thing about political science is the fact that it provides outstanding preparation for work in US Foreign Service, State Departments and several other agencies.

In addition to that, students are groomed for future employment that are based worldwide from areas like economic development, public health, security and political development.

Business Careers

Not everyone who likes to get into business is required to have a business degree. Truth is, there are numerous benefits for those who are thinking to work in business by studying political science. The program is arming students with a thorough understanding of political laws and institutions that are governing all functions of a business.

So for example, offer a range of quality gaming chairs, they can advise them of what they are doing correct, legally and what could they have been violating if there are. Same goes with other businesses that they are working with. This is something that should not be taken for granted because businesses function correctly so they can contribute to the continuous growth of the economy.