FDA Warning Over Aphrodisiacs

FDA Warning Over Aphrodisiacs

Since the ancient time, people in history are already searching for ways to satisfy their needs for pleasure and desire. However, does modernization and technological innovation may be the answer for this untimely quest?

Most couples are always holding on with their belief in achieving a lasting, happy relationship, it needs to have a happy sex life. However, there are some health issues that need to be addressed. And this could prove the difference between a scientific law and theory.

These include sexual dysfunction and loss of interest in sexual performances. Primarily, these affect the pleasure and satisfaction on the couple’s relationship.

In order to bring back this satisfaction, are aphrodisiacs provide the solution?

The FDA and the Aphrodisiacs

Food and Drug Administration defines aphrodisiacs as products that claim to elevate the sexual desire or to enhance sexual performance. Moreover, there are various claims that entitle products as promising aphrodisiacs. Myaphrodisiacs products are usually those herbs and spices, plant extracts, exotic animals or insects, and animal organs.

Generally, most of these have been used for centuries due to cultural beliefs. However, there is actually a little or generally no clinical evidence to support the effectiveness of these products as aphrodisiacs. Included in these products is the yohimbine which is also associated with various health risks like heart attack and seizures.

Fortunately, due to intensive research via the modern day technology, there are various high-quality studies of these products. Basically, the purpose of these studies is to know which product is generally effective and safe for use.

Ginkgo and Ginseng

Ginkgo elevates the flow of the blood to the peripheral organs and the genitals. However, lack of evidence or supporting studies reveal the improvement of sexual function in men and women. Although, ginkgo can be tolerated by lots of people, it can lead to excessive bleeding.

On the other hand, ginseng is found to give a better effect for erectile dysfunction. In addition, it can also enhance the sexual arousal in women at menopausal stage.

Maca and Tribulus

Tribulus is a plant for Chinese and Aryuvedic medicine. It has a compound that is converted to a natural steroid hormone known as dehydroepiandrosterone. Furthermore, tribulus can boost the libido and promote erectile function after its consumption.

FDA stands over aphrodisiacs

Because of lack of supporting studies and evidences regarding the use of these products, FDA gives warning on the use of aphrodisiacs. Moreover, the statement of FDA over aphrodisiacs says:

The available data and clinical evidences show that over-the-counter products with ingredients known as aphrodisiacs cannot be considered safe and effective.