Apps And Websites To Monitor And Participate In The Work of Politicians

Apps And Websites To Monitor And Participate In The Work of Politicians

Digital tools help to monitor the performance of those elected quickly and conveniently

Against the majority disinterest of Brazilians in politics, proved by a survey by Datafolha and XP / Ipespe, in which 69% of the people interviewed said they did not like the subject, digital platforms have emerged and tried to show that it is possible to change this situation.

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These are websites and applications that allow monitoring the actions of elected candidates and politicians in general.

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Mr. Citizen

With the slogan “Monitor the work of your politician”, Mr. Citizen allows you to follow as many politicians as you want by creating an account on the app, getting back some notifications about their activities in legislative houses. Thus, it is only a matter of choosing which politicians are interested in monitoring and staying on top of votes, expenses, revenues, goods and data from election campaigns. The service is free. Available for Android systems.

My Deputy

This app allows you to follow federal deputies with just a few taps. It is possible to see information regarding attendance at sessions, expenses, and votes in some laws, in addition to providing a ranking with personalized filters that allows viewing of the highest monthly expenses by category, state, party, and month/year. Available for Android and iOS systems.

My Municipality

According to the portal, the domain is 100% public and free. The website organizes and makes available in a simple way the data of all Brazilian municipalities in an easy way to follow and compare, for example, monitoring how much a city collects and spends public money.

Chamber of Deputies

The government agency itself makes available on the official website of the Chamber of Deputies, in addition to the news, other information, and services with a lot of data such as biography, speeches, and presence in the plenary, voting positions, and projects presented. In addition, citizens can register for an Electronic Bulletin and receive fortnightly news from the chosen deputy in their e-mail.


The Senate website also has a space that provides interaction between citizens and politics. In a specific tab, called e-Citizenship, the Internet user can give an opinion on House bills, participate in debates on these matters and even propose a new law.

Ranking two Politicians

This is a civil organization that monitors the performance of 513 federal deputies and 81 senators since 2012, when it was launched. The portal emerged after its founders found it difficult to find out about the history of parliamentarians, such as votes, attendance at sessions, and expenses. According to the website, the objective is to provide information about who is who in the National Congress through three flags: Anti-Corruption, Anti-Privileges, Conscious Voting.

Corruption Detector

One of the most interesting and important tools today, the Corruption Detector brings judicial information from 850 politicians, gathering data from parliamentarians related to the public administration of courts across the country. To access the platform, just install the application on your cell phone and take a photo of a politician’s image or search for his name. Then, information about the candidate appears on the screen.

In addition, the tool gives the possibility to install an extension in the internet browser and, thus, whenever a convicted, prosecuted or investigated politician appears on the page, the plugin will make his name in purple. By hovering the mouse over the name to check his judicial record.